BAP Charity Club’s “BAP – Cùng Em Đến Trường” community program is aimed at helping the people of Thôn 2, Xã Trà Vinh, Nam Trà My district, Quảng Nam province, which is a poor mountainous district in the southwest of Quảng Nam province. The program will take place from May 27th to 28th, 2023, with an estimated budget of about 120 million VND.

The program will consist of three main activities. The first activity is to build a school point that becomes a close companion with the children. The activities include drilling a well for the kindergarten and primary school, giving and installing solar energy kits for the two school points, making bookcases and books for the children with a target of 50 books, repairing the common playground for children (swing, seesaw, football field), giving 02 trash bins to the Kindergarten & Primary School, and giving 60 warm coats and new shoes to the children.

The second activity is to improve the lives of households. This includes giving livestock and crop varieties to the community, such as ducks, pigs, rice, and cassava, and giving 140 gifts to the people.

The third activity is community outreach. The activities include cooking 60 free meals for children and organizing film screenings, teaching students about oral hygiene, washing their face and hands, separating garbage, and picking up trash for candy. They will also provide free haircuts for community members and children.

BAP Charity Club calls for donations for the program, not only in terms of material but also in spirit, and invites everyone to participate in this meaningful community program. The list of sponsored items includes transportation, school supplies, scholarships, bookcases, first aid cabinets, and medical equipment, as well as essential items such as instant noodles, fish sauce, salt, MSG, cooking oil, sugar, and personal care items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, and soap. Additionally, new clothes and shoes will be provided.

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