A year has passed and there have been many projects that we started together, are now finished or are still working on, during which time we have fought together for a shared goal: “Complete the project as our the best possible for the customer and bring the most value to the company”

👩‍💻 In the organizational situation of the company has changed, but the above goal remains unchanged. This is the time when we sit together to review the results of the projects, share memories as well as some basic orientations for 2023 on a smaller scale.

“Thank you, companions. Hopefully 2023 will be the year Division 2 develops, blooms, and creates as much success as possible” – Ngo Thanh Loi – Division 2 Manager.

“PROJECT’s SUMMARY & KICK-OFF DIVISION 2” is Division 2’s intimate party with lots of emotions, lots of energy and lots of promise for 2023.

💖 Let’s build a strong foundation for growth!

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