IDEAHUNTER 2018 – A mini-hackathon contest from BAP

The IT industry is growing faster and faster not only in the central region but also in the whole country. There are more and more startup companies and groups provide software services and many of them even provide complete products to the industry. Understanding the lack of financial capability of those groups and companies, BAP held a mini-hackathon in the format of pitching to call for investments from IT angel investors named IDEAHUNTER 2018 with close support from Danang University of Science and Technology.

With a slogan of “Connect – Inspire – Bright”, IDEAHUNTER 2018 aimed to create a space for talented developers to connect to each other, create a strong community to support the creative ideas and help to improve the life standard. Moreover, it is not just to connect the developers, but also to connect developers with experts in the IT industry and investors who are interested in the field.

idea hunter

IDEAHUNTER 2018 attracted more than 30 ideas from the same numbers of the team who come from different regions in the country. All of them are students in the technology, economy universities and colleagues. Through two selection rounds, BAP chose 10 teams with outstanding ideas and realistic potential to go to the hackathon which was held in Danang University of Science and Technology.


The Hackathon happened in 4 days at Danang University of Science and Technology. During these 4 days, developers work in teams to complete their products and join interesting activities such as doing yoga every morning, playing games to relax and release pressure at night. Moreover, they also learned from the knowledge and experiences of experts through the mini-talk with participation from experts in the IT industry and startup communities.

IdeaHunter' organizer

The contest was sponsored by Fanvador and Dokidoki. Besides, we were pleasured to have a partnership with Saigonbiz, BSSC, Heavenlight in this contest. Additionally, our media sponsors are BSSC, Thegioiso, and Thegioivitinh.

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