Pre-Trip: STEPS CHALLENGE – 11 Days – 5000 Steps each day

Pre-Trip: STEPS CHALLENGE – 11 Days – 5000 Steps!

What do you think about changing “Steps” to “Rewards”?

Have you ever wanted to challenge yourself and motivate your own self?

Join the Pre-Trip: STEPS CHALLENGE, an exciting journey with an 11-day energetic challenge, aiming for 5000 steps per day!

BAP Challenge Steps

This challenge is sponsored by the Exercise Supplement App, a Blockchain product developed by the BAP engineering team. It’s an integrated health tracking app with a Blockchain wallet to transform challenges into rewards, encouraging and motivating group exercise.

📆 Time: 21/8-31/8/2023

Number of steps: 5000 steps per day

Rewards: For every successful challenge

Division Fund: 50,000VND will be added

Individuals will receive a Gacha – secret reward given by the founder of the Exercise Supplement App.

💌 Total Prize: 25,000,000VND is expected to be awarded.

Participation process:

08 wallets of 06 Div, RDC, Support team are set up

Step 1: Create an account

Step 2: Send account ID to BTC -> BTC will add you to the Division’s wallet

Step 3:
Complete the 5000 steps challenge every day.

Use a smartphone or smartwatch to count steps using the Health app (IOS) or Google Fit (Android).

Every day, press the steps-to-Gacha conversion to confirm the challenge completion.


Must complete 8/11 challenge days.

In 11 days (21-31/8)

  • If: Less than 8 days -> Fail the challenge -> Still receive daily Gacha (reward).
  • If: Any 8 days -> Pass the challenge -> Receive 50,000VND for the fund and unexpected Gacha (reward).

Step 4: Receive rewards. Individuals will receive Gacha with unexpected rewards alongside contributions to the Division’s fund.

The total contribution amount will be sent directly to the Division’s wallet. Each Division will have an appropriate reward distribution method, suitable for encouragement.

These running steps will also be a great preparation for our most anticipated event of the year – BAP Company Trip, a trip to connect and bond members together.

Get ready for a new challenge and a big event approaching!

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