BAP In Top 10 Vietnam ICT Companies 2020

BAP is very honored to be recognized as one of the top10 A-IoT Organization in the top10 ICT Vietnam Companies Contest. This contest is held by VINASA, which is a national association in Vietnam, operating on a non-governmental and not-for-profit basis with the purpose to promote cooperation and mutual support among the members, in order to promote the development of Vietnam software industry and to protect the members’ rights.


This is an annual program to honor and promote reputable and capable technology enterprises, building a pioneering force for national digital transformation.

To join the Top 10 Vietnam ICT Enterprises Program, BAP had to find out information and apply according to the instructions of the website. This result is appraised and voted by the professional board, including experts in the fields of technology, finance, human resources, start-ups, and the leading prestigious professional journalist in Vietnam.

BAP IT will be featured in a special publication “Top 10 Vietnam IT Enterprises 2020”, released in 3 languages: English, Japanese, Vietnamese, introducing more than 2,000 agencies and units. domestic, more than 1,000 partners in 100 countries and economies around the world. In addition, businesses are introduced and given priority to accompany prominent IT events in the country.


This year, BAP had to participate in the program with a stricter evaluation process to be on the list of 10 elite representatives. This is considered a new point when VINASA changes from “The program to vote for the top 50 Vietnamese IT enterprises” with 4 fields to “Top 10 Vietnamese ICT enterprises” with 15 specific fields. And A-IoT is one of the 15 fields in the program, that means BAP IT Co., JSC is in the top 150 companies that overcome the strict evaluation of the program.

Let’s look forward to seeing the publication of the program which includes BAP – a representative of top 10 A-IoT companies and waiting for the leap of BAP in the future.

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    We are very pleased to answer all questions about Offshore development services at BAP. Please select the information you would like to find out:

    I am concerned about communication, like my detailed requests are not understood. Would it be an issue when communicating through other foreign languages?
    Not only development, can I request your maintenance service when operating the system?
    I usually care more about quality while doing Offshore. Could you ensure a high quality project?
    When I request an Offshore service, what materials and regulation should I prepare?
    I’m thinking of requesting an offshore for our specialized system. Could your company handle those special requirements?
    Can we visit your technical hub, where the software has been developing?
    I want to have an AI project. Can I request your company?
    Please tell me about your capability and processes.
    How can you assure your quality?
    How can you assure your committed timeline?
    How are your payment terms?
    How is your liquidation process?
    If there is an emergency case, what is your process to have a quick response?
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