(English) What are Free To Play NFT Games? Check out some of the hottest free to play games

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The NFT Play to Earn Game segment is extremely active in recent times when helping players entertain and generate income. Are you new to the cryptocurrency market? Do you want to join the NFT gaming trend but are afraid to invest capital when starting? In this article, let’s explore Free to Play NFT Games. 

I. What are Free to Play NFT Games? 

Free to Play (F2P) can be understood as free games. Anyone can download and install it on their device to play. 

The term Free to Play began to appear in 1993 when EA Sports introduced the concept in a FIFA Online game. However, the first game to adopt this model was called Quiz Quiz, which was released in October 1999. 

 Free to Play games

Image about one of the Free to Play games – Image: youtube

The popularity of NFT games in recent years has created a wave of interest to many people. In particular, with the Free to Play model, players have the opportunity to approach and try NFT games more because they do not have to pay an initial fee. 

II. Should you choose the Free to Play or Play to Earn model? 

Depending on the needs and goals of each person, there will be different choices. Because both models have their own advantages and disadvantages. 

The Free to Play model has an easier approach to the user, and there is no initial risk. Players do not have to pay any costs if they only play for entertainment purposes. However, in the long run, to support the continued development of the game as well as enhance the in-game experience. Players can pay to buy special items, expansion packs, or upgrades, … 

Free to Play and Play to Earn model

Free to Play and Play to Earn model – Image: hocvienbitcoin.com

The original Play to Earn NFT games often followed the Pay to Play (P2P) model. That is, requires players to pay to be able to start experiencing the game. However, players can sell the NFTs and tokens they own in the game, thereby earning real money. 

Thus, if you do not want to spend money to play the game from the beginning. Or play games just for fun in your free time, not too important to achievements, then F2P is an appropriate choice. 

III. Introducing some outstanding Free to Play games 

1. The Sandbox 

Sandbox is a free game built on the Ethereum blockchain. Players can use the free Voxedit tool to create their own in-game characters. Another component of the game is The Sandbox Game Maker, which makes it possible for users to build 3D games inside the metaverse for free. 

In addition, to enhance the experience and generate income, The Sandbox allows players to buy LAND – digital real estate in the game. 

The Sandbox NFT Game

The Sandbox NFT Game – Image: playtoearn.online

2. Splinterlands 

Splinterlands is a Free to Play NFT card game. Players will be given a basic set of cards for free when they first start playing. You can get more cards when you complete missions or win other players. The more battles a player wins, the higher their rank increases and the more rewards they reap. 

Besides, in order to have the ability to earn in-game money, you must purchase the Booster Pack and Summoner’s Spellbook at the Splinterlands store. 

3. MIR4 

Following the success of The Legend of Mir 2 with 500 million players worldwide. MIR4 is a free MMORPG (multiplayer online role-playing game) from South Korea. With Unreal Engine 4 technology, the game possesses sharp and realistic graphic design, bringing vivid experiences to players. 

The biggest task of the warriors in the game is to mine Darksteel – the main element that can be exchanged for DRACO (MIR4’s main cryptocurrency). 


MIR4 is an online role-playing game from Korea – Image: mir4global.com


So, above are some free to play NFT games that you can refer to. Besides the games that provide free characters or cards, … for players to start participating. There are also some games that have a free to play mode for everyone to experience before deciding to invest. For example, The MERA game with two mechanisms is free to play and invest to earn. 

Free to play games attract a lot of participants, especially those who are new to the NFT game market. It is important that you consider carefully before purchasing any in-game assets. Wish you have interesting experiences when participating in the game!