A trade platform for The US and Japanese markets


I. Overview

Investing has never been easy, especially for beginners and individuals with a limited budget and a limited understanding of the market. Stay with us in this article to see how technology solves those obstacles and changes the investment game with a cutting-edge stock trading platform.

II. Challenges

1. Helping users overcome the knowledge gap

It is an indisputable fact that the stock market is playing an important role in financial growth. However, this complex ecosystem comes with many challenges without proper guidance. Many beginners are facing the hurdle of not knowing where to start, which company’ share to buy, what are differences between markets like the U.S and Japanese.

2. The Barrier of Limited Funds

Countless beginners or even investors find themselves with only a modest sum of money to spare. Overcoming this obstacle involves developing innovative solutions that allow individuals with small amounts of money access the world of financial growth.

3. Automating Investment Trusts

While the investment landscape has evolved significantly, certain areas surprisingly remain manual in their operations. Automating investment trusts is now a challenge that needs attention. By digitizing the management and administration of investment trusts, we can create a more efficient, transparent and accessible stock trading platform for investors. This is how the investment landscape should be structured and managed.

III. Solutions

1. Conchi Web: Empowering Seamless Transactions with Small Amount of Money Allowed

The creation of Conchi Web is a promising solution to the automation challenge. This innovative stock trading platform is built with an advanced system for storing and executing transactions efficiently. Conchi Web ensures that investors have a reliable and flexible tool in their hand which enhances the overall experience in investment trusts.

This system also facilitates trading with a minimum transaction amount as low as 500¥. It makes investing more accessible and less intimidating for beginners.



A trade platform for US and JPN markets

A trade system for The US and Japanese markets. Sources: BAP

2. Bridging the Knowledge Gap with Mobile Apps

There is no doubt that the development of a user-friendly mobile app is a powerful solution to address the challenge of stock market knowledge limitation. This app serves as a gateway offering users access to vital information of both the U.S and Japan stock markets, right at their fingertips.

IV. Highlights functions

Seamless Trading: Buy and sell stocks or participate in U.S. and Japan Investment trusts with ease, requiring as little as 500¥ to initiate transactions.

Real-time Asset Monitoring: Gain round-the-clock access to user’s assets status, denominated in Japanese Yen (JPY), for a continuous understanding of user financial position.

Effortless Fund Transfers: Facilitate the swift transfer of funds from user’s bank account to dedicated account, streamlining the investment process for users’ convenience.

Market Insights: Stay informed with the latest stock market news, ensuring users are well-equipped to make informed investment decisions.

V. Technology

  • Backend : Nodejs, Java, Redis
  • Frontend: Reactjs, Metamask, Web3js
  • Ethereum, Binance