Crypto Trading

Challenge: Our Client needs to develop a cryptocurrency exchange that requires being able to trade with crypto pairs,
 top10 coinmarketcap such as BTC, ETH, RIPPLE ... requires fast matching speed and high security. 
 Including complete KYC and reporting systems because the customer is an overseas virtual currency licensed business. 
Solution: Bap Software has successfully built a digital currency exchange, allowing users to exchange currencies with coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, ERC20 Tokens. 
In addition, we integrate KYC with identification function, anti-money laundering. 
For security, we have applied technologies such as Cold Wallet, Multisignature Wallet, TFA, 
which have been used by many large corporations in the cryptocurrency industry.
BAP Software  has created a virtual currency exchange on the process of a platform , Safe and powerful trading platform. 
We have professional engineers who bring a secure solution to the digital currency platform. 
In addition, we also develop smart contracts on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, NFT, Defi, P2P trading, blockchain game.
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