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Challenges: Developing an E-commerce platform is the current trend of businesses, but to get a successful platform is different. Because businesses must make users feel that they are using the best platform for their trades. BAP’s experience can help in this situation, when we have developed Exchange Market App successfully.

Solutions: Exchange Market App has been designed and developed by BAP, where we conducted based on partner’s requirements with a range of functions. On this platform, users can freely publish products or some used items on the market, this creates connection amongst people when they are able to communicate on E-commerce closely for selling and buying as well. Payment gateway is a contributing factor for the successful app, which users can easily pay after picking up products from others.

We are undeniable that this is one of our successful products that we developed for business. When businesses just write their requirements down, our team can give the best ideas to their projects and make it come true. Moreover, our hand-skilled technicians have working experience in Japanese’s companies, so they can get their insights from culture to working style well.

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