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Challenges: Building a commercial platform is not easy, because businesses not only have high-skilled technicians but understand customers’ needs. As BAP, we understand businesses’ demands and help them develop and consult a lot of commercial platforms such as Jimoful – an emerging commercial platform in Japan.

Solutions: Jimoful platform has earned the reputation as a commercial page, which is quite the latest platform for videos in Japan. On this platform, users can leave “likes” with the short video (about 15s). In addition, when downloading the app, they are able to edit their location on trip in that 15s video and upload immediately. Searching location is an interesting function that allows end-users to find out and visit it. BAP can apply technologies like AI, Blockchain, Big Data,… to enhance the quality of products and users’ experience.

In addition, we not only provide technologies but consult and give the best ideas to businesses, when they just write their requirements down. Businesses can be assured from us simply because our hand-skilled engineers had working experience in Japanese’s companies, they could understand from the culture to working style of Japanese to cooperate easily. Is your business ready to develop a platform? Contact us.

ClientJimoflu Co., Ltd.
Development FormLab
Development LanguageJava , Swift
ProductWeb, IOS, Android
Development SiteBAP Software
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