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Transport management is a very complex and difficult job. Getting to know where the goods are, where the truck is, and how the route optimizes to save operating costs when the truck is empty, which are all very important to the operator of a trucking company.

The human resources must operate and supervise the transport in traditional ways: excel, paperwork, communication by social networks, … causing waste and loss of costs, lack of transparency and clarity.

Trucking operators make decisions based on work experience can cause mistakes, leading to unnecessary waste of time and resources. Operation and administration are not updated immediately, lack of accuracy and visualization.

BAP with a team of experienced logistics staff will assist shipping companies in the digital transformation process with comprehensive transport management software solutions.



Transport management application is a perfect solution that BAP has researched and developed. The application provides functions for administrators to manage the expenses of each order, each cargo staff, the location of the truck, as well as manage the damaged goods during the transportation process.

Based on that, the management of the trucking company can make accurate decisions based on the numerical data that the application records. Behind the above workflow is a large system.

We are proud of this system when we can research and develop by ourselves because many technologies such as AI, Big Data, GPS, and maps are all applied. On the other hand, we also listen for possible requests from customers to build a system suitable for any business’s needs. Contact us at sales@bap.jp to discuss and explore the new adventure ahead.

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