Challenge: If you are bored with many chat applications because it lacks of functionalities like sending your voice records and alike.It’s time for you to contact BAP to create a new application to fulfill that rising demand. RinoChat is just an application to show that we have full capacity to design, create new applications for any customer – as a software development service.

Solution: When you come to RinoChat, you will access voice records with a timeline function and use cute stamps along with basic functionalities such as chatting, or video calls. Furthermore, the background of the app is an outstanding point for users when they log in, it looks like a notebook, especially for students, who can relate to this.

This app is a portfolio of assets from BAP, where we developed and consulted customers who had requirements about offshore development. We provide various technologies based on businesses’ needs from AI, Big Data, Web Application, Blockchain and even more. Our engineers are ready to design and develop the requirements from scratch to the final stage.

Development FormLab
Development LanguageNodejs
ProductAndroid, Swift
Development SiteBAP Software
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