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“Sharing economy” is a big keyword in recent period. There are many services that do well in this section such as Uber / Grab for private car sharing, Airbnb for space sharing, Uber Eat / Now Delivery / Grab Food for food delivery.

Not out of that trend, there are many services that can thrive from the original thinking of the “sharing economy”.

Do you want your goods to be delivered to the right place at the smallest cost and you do not have a dedicated truck? Don’t know the cost to pay for shipping because the delivery location is too close or too far away?

Worried about where and when your item can be delivered? The above concerns are understandable to any individual or organization that wants to deliver their products or goods to customers but lacks a means of transportation.

Do you have a truck and want to find more cargo jobs in your right times? Whether it is an individual or a legal entity, the problem of minimizing vehicle operating costs when not carrying goods is always necessary.

If you are planning to build a platform that will help people who want to get their goods delivered and help people make extra money from delivery services, BAP is ready to do it for you.


The truck transport application is a perfect solution that BAP has researched and developed. The application provides 3 main functions for 3 groups such as shippers, delivery drivers, and administrators.

Users can search for delivery trucks, place an order, and register where they want to receive and deliver goods, pay through the application, track the delivery process, where the shipper is standing.

Delivery drivers use their mobile devices, can register to be a delivery person, receive orders from the system and then go to the receiving place to deliver to the destination.

Administrators can manage customers, shippers, and receive payments from customers, then transfer the money to the shipper after taking the commission. They can assist customers and shippers to solve problems during the transaction process as well as run campaigns to increase sales during a specific period.

The functions above are just a brief summary of what the system can do as there are more functions and the application that will take a long list to describe.

Behind the above workflow is a large system. We are proud of this system when we can research and develop by ourselves because many technologies like AI, Big Data, GPS, and maps are all applied. On the other hand, we also listen for possible requests from customers to build a system suitably for any business’s needs. Contact us at to discuss and explore the new adventure ahead.

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