Smart OCR


Knowledge is humanity’s greatest asset. Books are invented to keep the knowledge is well-shared from generation to generation. However, in the digital transformation age, we need to transfer the data from books to digital databases.

If you are looking for a method to transform the information from papers, books, or even you want to build a solution to help people to copy the information on what they see by using the smartphone application, Smart OCR is the solution that BAP can provide for those business purposes


SmartOCR is an application that provides the functionality to read the text from any pictures. End-user can simply drop the pictures to the application, it will automatically read the text from pictures and copy it, end-user can paste that text to wherever they want.

Moreover, end-user can use the smartphone’s camera to zoom to what they want to read, SmartOCR will do its job perfectly by reading the text and copy it to end-users, the function is quite simple and easy to use but there is a smart system behind to make it work perfectly.

We are proud of the systems that we have researched and developed because there are a lot of new technologies such as AI, Big data, GPS, Maps….are implemented. On the other hand, we also listen to get more requirements from customers to build a suitable system for any business needs. Send us a message to then we can discuss more and explore new adventure together