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Challenges: Travelling sector is developing more and more, but there are no many businesses which build successful travelling platforms to serve this demand. Because they cannot find the right partner to do it, or they lack features to attract end-users to use. Here BAP is to give business a helping hand, when we supported our partner who got successful with Trip Conductor platform.

Solutions: Trip Conductor provides solutions for users that can connect with travelers and locals when they have a trip to a place. In addition, when users have demand to conduct a payment, they are capable of using the app for this. Furthermore, we used Matching algorithm to enhance end-users’ experience , and they can easily find other travelers on this platform. At present, the app is available on iOS, and Android, so end-users can install to use anytime.

Adding to BAP’s successful items, we not only bring businesses value, but also help them get more successful in the long run. They just need to write requirements down, our highly qualified technicians will give the best ideas to them, and coordinate with them so as to create the best output products. Last but not least, our engineering team has deep knowledge of technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Big Data,Blockchain, ERP,… to meet any businesses’ needs

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