One-to-One Lesson Management System



A music school is a platform where teachers and students can offer one-on-one online lessons. In order to solve current problems at the school, we would like to implement the following proposals:

  • Provide an educational platform that meets the needs of students, where they can increase their motivation to learn and achieve their skill development goals.
  • Understanding is enhanced because students can immediately ask questions and clarify their doubts.
  • Teachers can easily understand the weaknesses and challenges of individual students and provide individualized advice by focusing on one student at a time.
  • Lesson times and payment methods can be easily set up on the website.
  • Easy to set up lesson times and payment methods on the website.


By utilizing web technologies, it is possible to offer one-on-one online lessons: real-time video calls, voice calls, chat functions, screen sharing, etc. via a web browser. The main web technologies used include PHP, HTML/CSS, ReactJS among others.

Students can choose the lessons they want to learn and select the instructor who will provide the lessons. Lessons are conducted online using video calls, and payment and schedule adjustments are completed on the platform.

In addition, student and instructor information, grades, assignments, and schedules can be managed in the AWS Cloud, allowing for data sharing, access control, and enhanced security.

If you would like to explore our solutions for online lesson systems in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact BAP.

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