MMP – Multi Matching Platform


1. Overview

In the ever-changing business world, expanding your network is more appealing than ever. Creating your platform is time-consuming, involves research, and building a team. Yet, it may lack flexibility for changing business needs. Professional MMP integration services empower you to own your platform without excessive time and resource investments.

2. Product Details

MMP: Your Versatile Matching Solution. Connect with investors, professionals, find your soulmate, home, and talent – all in one platform: 

  • Professional: Streamline your expert network growth with intelligent matching. Quickly connect with relevant experts in your field. 
  • Recruitment: Find the perfect candidates with matching skills and personality. Job boards, networks, apps connect job seekers and employers, streamlining the hiring process. 
  • Investment: Connecting investors and startups in various projects, serving as a hub for visionary entrepreneurs seeking capital and investors looking for promising opportunities. 
  • Renting: Simplify landlord-tenant connections through showcasing and finding ideal rentals. Empower landlords to effortlessly showcase their properties and connect with tenants. Renters can explore properties on the newsfeed with regularly updated posts. 
  • Dating: Find your soulmate in our digitally connected world. Transcend boundaries and open door to lasting relationship.
MMP - Multi Matching Platform

MMP: Your Versatile Matching Solution.

3. Highlight features and technology

From advanced AI matching to flexible customization and diverse reports, MMP is designed to deliver exceptional user experiences.  

  • Matching Algorithm: Tailored matches based on flexible criteria.
  • Customization: Easily adapt and configure for business needs. 
  • Enhanced User Experience: Compatible with Android and iOS for seamless interactions including matching, chatting, and customizable actions.
  • Diverse Reports: Easily manage platform overviews with various reports for user and publisher. 
  • Advanced Features: Evolving for exceptional user experiences, including AI Matching and app integration to meet user needs. 
  • Furthermore, MMP ensures rapid deployment with our expert team, enabling project launches 20x faster through templates, and offering adaptable applications to meet evolving business needs. 

With advanced security measures like Blockchain Storage and third-party validation, we prioritize your confidence in controlling your platform.

4. Deployment process

At MMP, we’ve perfected the deployment process to make it as efficient and user-friendly as possible. 

  • Step 1: Requests Received 
  • Step 2: Customized Solution Offered 
  • Step 3: Contract Signed 
  • Step 4: System Implemented 
  • Step 5: Support and Scaling Accommodated 

Unlock the value of connection with MMP. Create your all-in-one platform today!