Challenge: In this hustling and bustling life, it’s not easy to find the right person to talk, discuss, or even counsel directly. An application from BAP to serve this demand is ready. Uranai is an application that BAP designed as of the expectation from customers to serve the end-users who want to seek for a fortune teller to predict their future.

Solution: Go to Uraina, end-users can see and select their preferred fortune teller based on the fortune teller’s information provided on the app, then book and pay for their choice. Optimist matching algorithm is applied as well to help end-users to find the correct fortune teller they want. Both can chat, call, and keep contact with each other to discuss further in the future, this can be viewed as one of the successful fortune apps by BAP. With our knowledge about building this application, we are confident that we can build any other application to fit your requirements and market’s needs.

Moreover, this is one of the requirements that BAP gave ideas from engineers who wrote it and conducted requirements successfully. Our team has knowledge of technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Big Data, Game.., which can help to build applications quickly with the lowest cost and they also understand Japanese culture so many Japanese clients are always satisfied with our delivered production.

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