AI-EDU – Automated Classroom Question Creation


In today’s world, automation has spread to a wide range of industries, including education and training. As EdTech revolutionizes traditional methods of training in these domains, businesses are increasingly investing in modern training tools. It reflects a reconsideration of older training methods in response to the changing nature of the training environment.   


The prevailing challenge among our clientele lies in the restricted access to PDF question files, which presents a barrier to in-depth analysis of individual question content. Moreover, there exists a pressing demand for the customization of topics through the amalgamation of questions sourced from diverse categories.  


Regrettably, the client’s current system lacks the requisite functionality to address this demand effectively, thus impeding the ability to cater to the unique requirements. 


To achieve the desired customization, we implement a process of parsing the PDF file into HTML, meticulously breaking down its components. This method yields distinct parts, such as the question content and various types of answer boxes, essential for student responses and result comparisons.


Through this approach, we seamlessly segment the topic components into individual questions, effectively catering to the specific customization requirements outlined earlier. 

AI-EDU - Automated Classroom Question Creation

AI-EDU – Automated Classroom Question Generation

Highlight functions 

  • Integrate the new system seamlessly with the customer’s existing infrastructure to ensure minimal impact.  
  • Implement a PDF file processing function for database storage.  
  • Enable teachers to register custom lessons or follow pre-made templates for student study.  
  • Empower teachers with the ability to monitor students’ learning outcomes.  
  • For in-class activities, provide students with the option to print out questions on paper, complete them, and input the results into the system. 


In conclusion, fostering a student-centered learning environment empowers students to be active participants in their education. With the integration of technology, students are provided with essential skills for a technologically advanced society, as well as the use of AI and NLP-based quiz generators as a holistic solution, streamlining learning and training initiatives and simplifying educators’ workflows.