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Challenges: Building an internal reward system is very interesting, but there are many businesses that cannot make it true due to many reasons. The main reason is that they do not have technological specialists to consult and give ideas. In this situation, BAP can share and help businesses to build a system like BAP Coin App.

Solutions: BAP Coin App is understood as a company’s issued coin, which allows companies to reward their internal staff with coins instead of real money. With the virtual coins, their internal can transfer, shop around via payment QR code or amongst contacts, groups on BAP Coin, moreover, they are able to transfer that coins from their wallet into money from issuers of BAP Coin (Companies). For this app, Organizations or companies can create their own currency from internal to external as an ecosystem.

This is considered as one of the most successful Blockchain technologies by BAP, we bring benefits to businesses. We not only provide offshoring service but give the best ideas to businesses from in-house team. Our engineers are confident to design and develop any technologies including AI, Big Data, Blockchain, ERP,.. based on businesses’ requirements. If your business wants to create any platforms, please feel free to contact us to get consulted.

ClientBAP IT
Development FormLab
Development LanguageReact native
Stellar blockchain
ProductWeb, IOS, Android
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