Consultant Application

Challenge: The information and data on the internet are huge and it seems to be easy to find the correct answer for any question but in reality, it’s not. People can feel lost or confused because there is too much information and it’s uncertain about trust of these sources. If you want to build an application or a platform that helps people to share knowledge, post the question and get the right answer and more convenient functions as you may need but you don’t know how to do it, BAP is confident to provide you with this development service

Solution: Consultant Application is one of BAP applications that we developed. Now end-users can get and download Consultant Application for using, as well as end-users are able to put up questions and get a lot of answers from other users. On this platform, if end-users get voted most on the answers, you have chances to chat with other users there. Especially, when end-users are confident of their writing skills, they can sell the lectures to some target audience on this. It is , of course, easy to use for everyone either.

As you know, where we bring valuable products to businesses, we capture their requirements and base on that, we develop more and more ideas and make it come true. We always do more than the expectation from customers. Our existing customers always get satisfied with each product that has been created by us, and they could enhance success with ease.

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Development LanguagePHP
ProductAndroid, IOS
Development SiteBAP Software
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