Horse Racing Forecast AI System


The introduction of technology applications makes it easier to predict horse racing results. Does your company have an application that helps users predict outcomes? Together with the user’s experience and understanding of horse racing in combination with the AI-KEIBA system, we have developed a great system to make our customers’ betting decisions more accurate.


Keiba App is a support application that keeps track of weekly match information in Japan. It also supports prediction and betting according to the rules of the Japan Equestrian Federation.

From the available data and results, AI-KEIBA uses machine learning, deep learning technology, and data analysis algorithms as the primary foundation to train and create optimal AI systems for horse racing prediction.

The AI system automatically learns, analyzes and calculates a huge amount of information about all horse races, race results, all jockey information, coaches, training information, and a huge amount of information about race horse training time, weather conditions, and racetracks over the last 10 years. Then we will make a prediction with the highest possible probability in each weekly race.

Development FormLab
Ngôn ngữ lập trìnhPython
Sản phẩmWeb, IOS, Android
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