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Challenges: In the dating app segment, if businesses want to get successful, they must create different values for users. But most businesses cannot conduct it, as they lack technological consultants to give them a helping hand. BAP will be a technological consultant for you in order to develop an excellent dating app like Dating Chat App that BAP deployed.

Solutions: We have satisfied our customers when their dating chat app has been published and welcomed by users in Japan. The app is developed with many outstanding functions including free-charge message, auto matching as well as recommendation one. Our engineers have made customers satisfied so much, and their users are getting the best experience on the app, they can easily find, chat, and select targets matching with their profile estimated by %. Furthermore, We applied Matching algorithm so that users can find right persons based on their informational profiles.

BAP is proud when we could create an amazing app like that. Besides, we have a handful of same products that businesses can place trust in us. Our engineering team will play the important role in giving ideas, and conducting businesses’ requirements into products on time. We have working experience in applying technologies like AI, Big Data, Blockchain, ERP,… If your business would like to develop any technological platform, please feel free to contact us in order to get consulted.

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