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Challenges: Have you ever want to order the tasty food to deliver to your home from the restaurant but they don’t have a delivery service? The needs of end-users, who want to enjoy the tasty food at home or wherever they are, is real and increases rapidly as modern people are busy with their work, their hobbies or family caring. Moreover, many restaurants cannot afford to have their own delivery service cause it will take the cost to build it but they want to sell more and more to customers to increase sales. At the same time, many people want to earn extra money and willing to do the delivery service as a shipper when they have free time or are available in their nearby locations. If you are planning to build a platform that helps end-users to order food from non-delivery service restaurants, help restaurant owners to increase their sales, and help people to earn extra money when doing the delivery service in their free time, we are ready to help.

Solution: Food delivery Application is a perfect solution that BAP has researched and developed. It provides 4 main functions to 4 groups such as end-users, restaurants owners, shippers, administrators as below
Restaurant owners can register the menu a well as its location, receive the orders from end-users via the application, and get the information about the shipper, who will come to collect food and where the shipper is.
End-users can search the food, give the order and register the address where they want to receive the food, pay via the application and monitor the process of delivery, where the shipper is now.
Shipper, by using his or her mobile device, can register to become a shipper, receive the deliver task from the system then go to the restaurant to collect food and ship to end-users
Administrators can manage the restaurant registration, shipper registration, get the payment from end-users and give the payment shipper and restaurant owners after deducting the commission. They can also support end-users, restaurants, shipper to solve the unpredictable problem during the service flow as well as run campaign to increase the sale in a particular period

Above main functions are just a short summary of what system can do cause there are a lot of more functions and it will be a long list to describe
Behindding the above workflow is a big system. We are proud of this system that we have researched and developed because there are a lot of new technologies such as AI, Big data, GPS, Maps….are implemented. On another hand, we also listen to get more requirements from customers to build a suitable system for any business needs. Send us a message to sales@amp; then we can discuss more and explore new adventure together

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