Magento Ecommerce Platform



E-commerce is growing bigger and bigger as lifestyles become busier and technology changes and improves, consumers are seeking new, more convenient methods to fulfil their sales needs.

There are a lot more reason we can explore: tailored experience in which shoppers now get tailored experiences targeted to their unique customer profile, more choices in term of product / price / size and color, user friendly experience, mobile adaptively in which you can do shopping anywhere and anytime, Omnichannel retailing, etc…

We have developed Magento 2 E-commerce platform which is one of the most used by top brands: Nike, Helly Hansen, Cannon, Jaguar, Ford, etc… Magento 2 offer a lot that suite for all brands:

  • Flexibility:

Magento is open-source which practically enables merchants to feel free in making any changes they want. Magento allows to bring all the ideas to life and meet all the requirements customizing backend or frontend.

  • Scalability:

Magento offers its users a choice and an opportunity to develop. It’s completely scalable, so even if you go from selling fifty different products to five thousand different products, it will still continue to offer the features and performance you require.

  • Community:

Magento have gathered a huge amount of developers, product & project managers, programmers, and even marketers all working as one mechanism to help merchant achieve better results.

  • Extension:

Magento boasts the world’s largest E-Commerce application market. There are thousands of different modules (extensions) available, can be developed in-house or purchased.


One of the brand we help to integrate Magento 2 platform include full package of E-Commerce experience: Website E-Commerce, Mobile Application E-Commerce, Website and Mobile Application Point of Sale. All channel and store working around Magento core platform.

We did setup everything from scratch, integrate Magento 2 with client ERP system, and ensure it working smoothly. We also develop various extension following the need of client such as: customer group management or loyalty program like, shipping local extension with rate, add sale staff information and adjust report to fit with the need from client, etc…

On frontend we work with customer for nice theme that fit and express the most value of the product. All customize and can be easy to update, and maintain by help desk technician.

If you are looking for any development in Magento 2 universe: extension development, Magento integration from scratch, frontend Magento development, Magento maintenance, Magento mobile application or POS. You can contact us for more detail.

magento ecommerce platform