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Challenges: The traditional method of filling in work content check forms by hand is time-consuming and causes service implementation and reporting to take longer than it should because of the time required to retype the data for data utilization. The man-hours required to prepare and input daily reports are quite high, which can lead to errors and waste of time and resources. 

Solution: In order to solve the manpower shortage problem and improve the efficiency of application processing, BAP has developed a variety of excellent systems such as billing management, payment management, payment management, client management, approval, and seal request, based on the functions of the KINTONE platform through API integration and plug-ins using JavaScript and CSS. 

Based on the developed system, data management can be checked in real time, and payment/receipt evidence and reports can be added immediately for feedback, questions, and corrections. The Print Creator function allows immediate output of summary statements and other documents. The time from instructions to reporting has been reduced by a large amount. Also, the ability to review previously saved datas earlier improves work quality and speed.

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