Challenges: Each succeeded application has its own target customers and its original concept to serve the customers’ needs. Liberzy is the application which is made by BAP, which its targeted customers are travellers and with this application, we provide the best user experience when using this application to build a travellers social network.

Solution: Understanding the concept of application and its service, BAP team has already discussed and designed the best experience for end-users – customers in each trip. On this app, end- users will be able to apply stars on the particular schedule from previous travellers, and this will be ranked on the top of results if a lot of people vote the same stars on it. Moreover, end-users can purchase directly airline tickets, subway tickets… from the app without going to another platform.

Liberty is just one of our applications that BAP made and prioritized the user-experience which all the customers want to have in their application. When customers partner with us, we always guarantee that we will create and give the best ideas and engineers to meet requirements from customers. BAP’s high-skilled workforce is the best illustration when they have experience in working within Japanese’s companies and insights from culture to personality themselves.

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