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Challenges: Developing a Live Stream platform is not easy, because you must create the difference amongst competitors on the market. Don’t worry about that, BAP can help your business do it from the beginning to the final output with high quality, because we have experience in creating one of LiveStream platforms such as Live Dreamers.

Solutions: Live Dreamer is a platform which enables users to take camera, video and upload on this app, in addition, users also have the ability to post their stored video directly from their own phone. Especifically, the “live stream” function has earned fame, when users can approach this function with ease to conduct a “live stream” according to end-users’ demand. This is available on App store and Android for end-users to install. This is just one of platforms developed by BAP, we even can design and evolve more than businesses’ demand from technologies like AI, Blockchain, Big Data,

From BAP’s perspective, we not only provide technological solutions but give ideas to businesses, when they have need of developing a platforms like Web, App, ERP , or system. Our engineers play the key role in delivering businesses’ requirements that come true and more value than they ask. If you have intention to create any technological products, please feel free to contact us in order to get consulted.

Client Live Dreamer Inc.
Development FormLab
Development LanguageJava, Swift
Amazon aws
ProductWeb, IOS, Android
Development SiteBAP Software
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