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Many businesses want to train new employees and evaluate the training result so that businesses can see whether or not newcomers adapt to jobs and their training sessions are good. This makes managers who can revise their training sections better. And BAP’s Manual App is a great system to help businesses that can evaluate and have more data through tests for employees.


Manual App is an application that helps businesses guide and train new employees directly or it provides video for employees learning by themselves. When finishing the training, Manual App will provide them with tests, there are 2 types of tests:

Type 1: Employees answer multiple-choice questions that employees just select A, B, C, D answers with ease.

Type 2: This is fascinating because employees have a form of “visual tests”. When doing tests, employees select their answers via images. For example, with a test of food menus in restaurants, their staff must complete questions including the name of food, price of food, and more with visual answers to select. This is either suitable for factory employees following a shared process to test their knowledge of assembling in a particular area.

We can say that this is one of BAP‘s successful applications when we gave ideas based on businesses’ requirements. Our engineers consulted businesses with the most suitable technologies on each project including AI, Blockchain, Big Data, ERP,… They also understand Japaneses’s culture, personality from many projects. BAP assures that output products are the best and which meet businesses’ needs.

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