Scrape Art 3D

SCRAPE ART 3D is a new free color game that helps you find creative inspiration with tons of impressive pictures. When compared to kinds of new free paint games, Scrape Art 3D does not require you to have a good skill of color matching. Instead, you just mix colors as your way, and create your own picture in that order.

There are main features of SCRAPE ART 3D:

Simple control – it means that you just drag-hold to color, and hold-release colors to scratch the painting.
Free to mix colors – you can create your own art style with ease.
You can access the tons of extraordinary pictures that are waiting for you to paint.

For SCRAPE ART 3D, you don’t need to be a painter or a professional artist, so let’s download the app below.

Development FormLab
Applied technologies & featuresUnity3D
Painting texture
Custom Shader
Free to mix colors
ProductIOS, Android
Development SiteBAP Software