Streamlining Manpower Management for SMEs


As an IT consulting company specializing in digital transformation solutions, we embarked on a mission to tackle the challenges faced by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the manpower industry. Our aim was to alleviate common pain points and elevate operational efficiency through the implementation of innovative technology solutions. Explore the details of our journey in the case study below.

1. Pain Points

1.1. Back Office Challenges

One common challenge encountered by nearly all SMEs is the complexity of overseeing data dispersed across various platforms like Excel, Word, Google Drive, and others. This complexity often leads to fragmented and inconsistent data between departments. 


The burden of manual data entry was further compounded by the presence of low-tech personnel, significantly impeding operational efficiency. 


Moreover, the payroll procedures became increasingly intricate due to the diverse array of regulations governing the manpower services provided to different companies. This complexity added to the challenges faced by the back-office team. 

  1.2. Recruitment Inefficiencies

The absence of a centralized system has led to organizational inefficiencies, fostering redundant processes and inadvertently causing the loss of crucial data related to potential candidates. Without a unified platform, duplicate efforts have emerged, while the management and retrieval of candidate information have been hindered, resulting in an inefficient recruitment and selection process. 


2. Solutions 

To address the aforementioned challenges, BAP has implemented solutions with the following key features: 

2.1. Back Office Transformation with Odoo

  • Unified Platform: Leveraging the power of Odoo, we developed a unified platform to centralize and streamline back-office operations. Odoo’s modular architecture allowed for seamless integration of disparate systems, enabling the consolidation of fragmented data. 
  • Data Import Functionality: With Odoo’s robust data import functionality, users could easily upload data from various sources, including Excel, CSV, and PDF files, ensuring a smooth transition to the new system. 
  • OCR Integration: Integration of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology further enhanced efficiency by automating data entry processes, accurately extracting information from workers’ IDs and other documents. 
  • Integrated Attendance and Payroll Management: By integrating attendance and payroll management modules within Odoo, we provided the back-office team with a comprehensive solution that automated payroll processing while accommodating the diverse needs of the Compensation and Benefits (C&B) department. 

2.2. Recruitment Streamlining with Odoo

  • Customizable Recruitment Module: Our solution included a customizable recruitment module built on the Odoo platform, allowing organizations to tailor recruitment processes to their specific requirements. With intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, users could easily create and manage recruitment workflows, categorize candidates, and store relevant information within a centralized database. 
Streamlining Manpower Management for SMEs

Optimizing Manpower Management for Small and Medium Enterprises

In conclusion, BAP has successfully addressed the pain points encountered by small and medium-sized businesses in the human resources industry through the strategic implementation of digital transformation solutions. By leveraging Odoo-based platforms for back-office management and streamlining the recruitment process, we have streamlined operations, enhanced data accuracy, and significantly improved overall efficiency. Our solutions have shown the potential to increase productivity by up to 30%, reduce errors, and accelerate data entry speed by up to four times. Moreover, these improvements optimize processes and facilitate various activities in recruitment and human resource management.