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Japan is known as a country that does not throw away garbage. Garbage separation is strict, and garbage collection times are fixed. However, the amount of domestic garbage is also large, and it sometimes interferes with the collection and disposal of garbage.

To solve this situation, the BAP company created the Bluelink website. This is an application that provides our customers with the best technical solutions to solve the above problems.


Bluelink makes it easier for users to optimize their waste collection and treatment processes. Bluelink is built on his SaaS system in the AWS environment and aims to support connectivity between garbage collection service providers and end users who require garbage collection. This system is a web app that can support display on mobile device screens.

It can be said that Bluelink enables businesses and users to easily create car reservations, waste disposal contracts. On the Bluelink app, an application that combines many functions such as car booking, contract creation, quotation, ordering, etc., which helps companies operating in the waste sector to manage and perform their functions.

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Development LanguageNodeJS framework Express, Java, ReactJs
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