How to use Salesforce for Beginners with ease

Finding out various technological solutions is to satisfy businesses’ goals such as increasing sales, completing the perfect workflow, or managing Marketing activities,.. And Salesforce is the best choice for you. But “How to use Salesforce” is a problem that businesses ask much on the Internet, because they want to make sure that it can work in their process smoothly. In this article, BAP will help you understand more Salesforce and know functions that your business will use with Salesforce.

1. What is Salesforce? 

How to use salesforce

What should you know Salesforce? – Source: Incepta solution

Salesforce is the world’s leading on-demand cloud-CRM (Customer Relatioship Management) software solution. Salesforce is a total CRM software solution that offers a wide range of CRM applications specializing in sales and customer service for SMEs. Salesforce provides optimal solutions for sales, management and customer care services. There are many companies using Salesforce because of its high security, great reliability and flexible cost depending on the size of the business.

2. How to use Salesforce’s functions for Beginners 

2.1.Chatter function

The chatter module is a useful feature that allows corporate employees to quickly and easily update and share information with customers and stakeholders. This tool helps work effectively, coordinate quickly among departments in the company and create close-knit links between customers and related departments.

Profile-related functions help sales staff to post the most convincing information about themselves so that customers can clearly grasp the capabilities of each person in the company. Which means that customers will also be provided with user accounts to participate in monitoring the progress of the project and making a contribution, or reflecting on services and products on time. In addition, Salesforce CRM also supports decentralization for sharing of information, tasks and documents between groups in the most confidential way, only shared members can view and respond to that information, ensuring safety with data that is important to the company.

2.2. Customer management and contact information

This feature of Salesforce CRM helps sales staff understand the most detailed customer information such as transaction history, contact information, customer financial capacity … From there, businesses can divide customers into different segments, and effectively plan product & services marketing strategies to customers’ needs, as well as help to increase purchase or service utilization rates for businesses.

With detailed programmed customer support software, this feature can add more in-depth customization, for example, sales staff can group customers based on common characteristics such as grouping by revenue, location, residence and frequently selected products that create groups of customers with specific features, so businesses only need to focus on introducing the right products to their needs as well as recommends related products so that customers immediately can buy.

2.3. Track sales opportunities.

SalesForce is a software that helps businesses synthesize and capture all information about customers like contracts, projects, project stages, and checking sales staff’s processes in care, consulting customers,… At the same time, your company can also enter competitor’s information to analyze market share and target customers. Determining the right audience for your product is one of the factors that help you increase your chances of selling or conversion rate because your product is very suitable for their demand.

We are undeniable that all businesses want to have many opportunities to sell, so SaleForce software is the essential solution for your business to set up and track selling opportunities in the most detailed and easy way.

2.4. Information library

Information library is integrated in SalesCloud that helps users who don’t need to deal with messy folders and emails. With popular website functions such as search, tagging, ranking … help employees and businesses quickly find what they need.

Furthermore, an effective information management solution is the strength of the software, since normal archives and searches take a lot of time to process, but only with a smart search function that is built in a library of interpreters  where all documents and information of the business are stored, everything will be easier and faster than ever.

2.5. Partners management 

Similar to cooperation between departments within a company, partner management also helps to capture the key points of customers. This tool helps to manage the work more detailed and closely with his partner over time such as sharing business data, tracking each stage of cooperation.

Partners can also be seen as customers, moreover, they are extremely important customers if your business is a manufacturing company. Because your partners can be product distributors, if you are unable to manage these supply points well, it can lead to failure in business.

With a professional SalesForce software, you can import your partners, associated status with them and what they are offering or getting from you. Furthermore, you easily get statistics and plan strategies for inventory products.

2.6. Analysis, Report and Profit Estimation

What is Salesforce

The ability of analysis, reporting from Salesforce – Source: Trailhead

With just a few simple steps, everyone in the company has business data. This helps to make the right business decisions, sales are understood and managed correctly,and businesses can avoid unnecessary fees, and control costs well to increase speed of development  as well as profit from cost reduction.

Businesses can have better forecasts about sales and product demand, and they can make optimal decisions for business plans, or limit duplication of customer information. Estimating the amount of product or manpower in the future is to ensure that your business can supply the market and the demand from time to time. In short, SaleseForce software is the solution for businesses to make future decisions thanks to reports from previous data.

2.7.Set up and manage workflow

Cumbersome procedures, complicated paperwork will no longer make you a headache, limiting the ability to sell the company because this application allows business owners to control all employees’ activities, eliminating the ability to assign duplicate and support features such as automatic approval, sales process automation, flexible job assignment…

Although SalesForce is a great software, it only plays a supporting role,and, of course, the human factor still greatly affects a company’s business. So you need to build and establish a workflow for employees, which ensures adequate workload, target completion time, updating reports regularly to be able to assign new tasks. Or business can develop separate working processes for each department, for new employees, …

2.8. Email and productivity

Allowing salesmen and managers can use many applications at the same time such as Microsoft Outlook, Google … The ability of integrating many different tools helps Salesforce optimize their tasks easier and smarter.

The ability of integrating multiple office applications support work for employees,  build a unique system, ensure software integrity, and employees do not need to use additional software that decreases productivity due to disagreement about the solution.

2.9. Marketing and Prospects 

With the centralized data management feature, the Marketing plan will be monitored carefully through each stage. Salesforce helps marketing activities to be closely connected with business activities. As introduced, you can group your audience and offer a variety of marketing methods for each specific customer group with the right products and the exact advertising strategy on suitable audiences, this will help bring more potential customers and revenue for the business.

Integrating with Email Marketing, Google Adwords, these tools help businesses know how to compare the best activities to allocate the appropriate budget for each Marketing campaign. With the current digital technology market, online marketing cannot be ignored for any business, but how to use the budget for advertising effectively is what businesses need, or how you track whether those strategies are adding value or are just making your costs go up every month. For SalesForce software, businesses can easily build this.

2.10. Mobile phone support 

With convenient access on mobile devices, you can remember customer feedback, phone calls, access important information and video reports,… without having to turn on your computer.

For SalesForce software for SMEs, the average amount of data and users allows businesses to deploy on employee’s mobile devices that help to use the software, Application features of SaleseForce to be easier in all cases and locations

We expect that Newbies can understand how to use Salesforce with eleven features above, and if you have any requirements for building, installing software for your business, please contact us to get the consultation.

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