What Businesses Need To Know About SAP Cloud

In the digital transformation, all businesses must meet the pace of technology so that they can create the competitive advantage from within their own company ecosystem. Cloud computing is considered much nowaday in business, we can list some such as Microsoft,  Google.. . But the famous one we want to detail today is SAP Cloud that is used much by various companies in the word in order to control the business process. So let’s try out its benefits and where we can place trust to build a SAP Cloud-based system for business.

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1. What is SAP Cloud Platform? 

It seems as “a famous term” amongst technicians, for business, but this is quite new one to know. SAP Cloud platform is known as a Paas (platform as a service), which is SAP’s conditions for combining state-of-the-art devices.

2. What SAP Cloud Platform solves businesses’ problems? 

SAP Cloud sounds an interesting platform for business to try, but the main problem still remains that what it solves business problems?.

SAP Cloud platform is an open APIs and connected that allows business to extend, form, and combine with company apps. Day by day, more and more businesses apply Cloud computing for their internal system, this also becomes a trend across the globe. In addition to CRM and SFA, it owns more functions like Accounting, paycheck, Human Resources.., this makes ERP is considered as a cloud service ,nowaday.

For a case of HR building through SAP Cloud-based labour force, according to SAPinsider, businesses can apply “Signature management” by DocuSign that creates the time-saving for HR procedures. To finance, it allows businesses to approach the security data within their own network and more.

3. What SAP Cloud Platforms benefit businesses

Although this platform brings a lot of beneficial functions for this, they cannot avoid the opposite site. Before you want to apply and call for third-party to implement this, you should analyze their two sides in this article.

SAP Cloud platform allows you to expand both on-premise, or ERP function and approach SAP Lenardo technological advancement including Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain. It enables companies to connect with open APIs, and various devices such as SDK for IOS operating system, and business applications also build, extend, or integrate with it within the cloud.

In addition, this platform supplies a condition to link ERP apps and high-tech like machine learning, AI, blockchain, IoT, and big data as well. More specifically, for SAP HANA service, businesses are able to apply SAP HANA data bank from their own applications functioning on SAP Cloud platform, through Java APIs, and many other application run-time conditions.

SAP Cloud platform includes the main two different development conditions, which means that businesses want their own technologies to integrate successfully depending on which SAP Cloud platform businesses offer.

4. How to select a partner for SAP Cloud service?

sap cloud service

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Well, we believe that this section makes you curious, simply because you don’t know where to start with SAP Cloud building. But you don’t worry much about it, we are here to guide you to start with SAP Cloud service.

There are some points you should consider:

  • You need to consider your demands at first, it means that your in-house team must sit together for outlining the specific requirements, goals, and metrics as well. This should be based on your existing problems that are criteria you should list before sitting down with an offshore development company. Moreover, your business also requires the successful history of a software outsourcing company, basically because you ensure they will be a suitable partner.
  • Culture fit is the second factor that your business must take into consideration. As when you and your partner have different cultures which can lead to the conflict between, and your project has the ability to delay. For example,for BAP Software co.,, when we work with clients – Japaneses who always require our previous experience and success before cooperating with us, furthermore, they evaluate the cultural element whether or not we can meet their demand like on-time, and performance. Culture plays the key role in this situation of hiring an offshoring company.
  • There are many important factors for selecting an outsourcing development company for SAP Cloud , but cost is still the top priority of business’s consideration. The countries have earned the reputations including China, India, Vietnam, Myanmar, to be honest, China and India aren’t cheap for renting at all. Myanmar is an ideal destination for offshore development , but their infrastructures are problems. While Vietnam is viewed as the best choice for businesses like Japanese businesses, they can set expectations for lower-cost and quality of products.

This is the basic criteria for businesses when they should consider for partnering with an offshoring development company. For Japan, Vietnam is a promising destination when a number of IT engineers dominate most, Who are expected as a labour source of software development in vietnam.

In a related-development, BAP Software co., is a best company for outsourcing development in Vietnam, we acquire many experienced engineers who used to work in Japanese environments, and they can understand their culture, working style. This will take advantage of Japanese businesses when they work with us. Finally, we hope this article will bring enough basic knowledge for you to understand about SAP Cloud services, and you can now plan for your SAP Cloud strategy for your business.