Understanding about Salesforce Campaign Features

Salesforce Campaign is an interesting feature that supports business so much in various activities including Marketing and Sales for interacting with Leads, Prospects and customers. In this article, we will provide information about the Salesforce campaign for you to understand more. Let’s start.

1. What is the Salesforce campaign? 

Salesforce Campaign is one of the least used features in the Salesforce Toolbox, but it is very interesting if your business can understand.

The Salesforce campaign feature allows you to track each marketing activity in detail, which means that you can follow regular advertising, solicitations, emails as well as special Marketing events such as meetings, demos. When your business can track leads, contacts, and their reactions, so you can tailor the campaign to type of internal Marketing activities.

Furthermore, Marketers, salesman also can use the Salesforce campaign feature to analyze the number of leads, the number of Marketing, and sales pipeline deals that they are doing as a result of Marketing, sales efforts. This feature can increase visibility of large-scale campaigns by grouping marketing programs through hierarchy (Salesforce campaign hierarchy).

2. How to use salesforce campaign

The Salesforce campaign is useful for Marketing activities of business, and now we will show you its proof of effectiveness. Firstly, you should create a simple campaign record, and make sure that Marketing user checkbox is selected in your user profile, and get along with permission to create campaigns. In case, you do not have permission yet, please ask your system administrator to authorize it.

To see whether the Marketing user option is selected in your user profile or not, you can type the username in the Quick Search Box in the settings section. Then you click Users, and then click to username in the next step. If you cannot see the checkbox, you should edit the record and choose the Marketing User checkbox.

salesforce campaign

Example of using Salesforce Campaign – Source: Trailhead

What is a salesforce campaign?

Steps for creating Salesforce Campaign – Source: Trailhead

Now, you should know the step to create Campaign in Salesforce:

  • You should open the Campaign tab, and then click New
  • You must type the “names of campaign”
  • In this step, you should choose a type of campaign including Advertising, Email, Webinar, meeting, and more.
  • You click on the status of your campaign as planning, processing, or anything else that you want to concept.
  • For this stage, it is important to control your campaign. So you should enter “budget” and “expected return”.
  • Now, you can describe your campaign in the “description part” to manage.
  • Finally, you just click save, and your campaign is created successfully.

You can see that the Salesforce Campaign is created simply, and your Marketing campaign can be controlled with ease.

3. Benefits of Salesforce Campaign feature

For the benefits, Salesforce Campaign brings :

  • Helping businesses to measure the Sales and Marketing activities how it works.
  • Marketers and Salesmen can look back at email messages with History that have been sent to customer,  prospects.
  • Controlling Leads, prospect’s response to businesses, and reply directly.
  • Salesmen can add leads, contacts in events, webinar campaigns to follow.

Although the Salesforce Campaign is just a simple feature, but it bring various convenience for business and related departments. BAP expects that this information will help you understand of Salesforce functions more.