What kind of Salesforce cost business should know to install

Analyzing Salesforce cost for implementation 

Implementing Salesforce can have 2 types of fees including installation and license costs. For Salesforce, you don’t need to pay the initial cost for installing the tool, so the cost of installation depends on the business’s deployment requirements.

With Salesforce cost, your business will pay for 3 components including License, products and editions on a platform. You can see the example below.

salesforce cost

Salesforce cost – Source: Contact Monkey

Salesforce Products

Salesforce introduction cost

Salesforce products – Source: JanBask Training

Salesforce has different products that serve for different business, and each one will have its own functions to install. Salesforce products will include:

  • Sales Cloud: Cloud-based SFA/CRM with function to support departments
  • Service Cloud: Cloud-based CRM with functions to support operations such as contact centers
  • Community Cloud: An online platform that connects employees, partners, customers, etc.

And other famous products are Marketing Cloud and Einstein Analytics that you can reference.

Salesforce editions

The number and types of editions vary depending on the products. The following editions are available for Sales Cloud and Service Cloud as examples:

  • Essentials: CRM for small businesses with up to 10 users
  • Professional: CRM for businesses of all sizes
  • Enterprise: CRM that can be customized to suit your company
  • Unlimited: CRM with unlimited features and support

The higher the edition, the more features and limits you can use.

For example, in the case of Sales Cloud, “Opportunity Management” function is included in all editions, but “Contract” and “Quote” functions are Professional or higher. Also, the “record type” is available for 3 editions from Professional to above. The Salesforce’s pricing page provides a PDF version of function table by each edition, where you can see differences detailedly.

In addition, you can choose based on your company’s needs, but it will be difficult to judge how each function and itself affect your business. So when you meet consultants, you should make clear and discuss more to make decision of applying in the company.

Besides, editions and products are not only related to purpose of using, functions, but expansion. For example, Marketing automation Pardot is provided as an add-on to support Sales Cloud with professional edition and above. Also, products and editions are involved when using service of AppExchange that is a dedicated Salesforce app.

Salesforce License 

The license is a monthly fee  per user. For Professional Edition of Service Cloud, if you need 5 accounts, the license fee will be 9,000 yen x 5 people = monthly license fee. However, since the upper limit of Essentials edition is 10 users, the maximum cost is 3,000 yen x 10 = monthly fee (you allow 10 users with 3000 yen/user).

The number of users depends on how your business operates. For instance, in case of school business, the license will be counted based on numbers of teachers, staff, students (these users are not limited), but the number of licenses will be defined according to requirements of work.

The relationship between editions and products in Salesforce

A company can use many products of Salesforce, which means that they are able to use Sales CLoud and Service Cloud. But the company must use the same edition for both. For example, your business uses a Salesforce Cloud professional, but for Service Cloud, you want to use the Enterprise version that company must enhance Salesforce Cloud Enterprise either.

The installation of Salesforce depends on requirements definitions, implementation method, data migration, and training. Salesforce fees also rely on what your business needs to use and how many employees will attend the project so that business can budget exactly.

This is kinds of Salesforce cost that businesses need to know when having intention to install. BAP hopes that your business can understand more about this platform as well as make right decisions. If you want to consult and build up Salesforce for business, you can contact us who have a lot of experience in developing not only salesforce, but Big Data, AI, Blockchain, Web Service,…

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