Difference among Artificial intelligence, machine learning and Deep leaning

The commonality of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning brings many benefits for our life, businesses. But many people still don’t understand the difference among them, and this article will explain it detailedly.

1. Explosion of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence machine learning

AI technology – source: CRN

As of AI, this is considered as a part of humans’ imagination and has been also the main discussed topic in various labs since the Dartmouth Conference in 1956 happened.

In recent years, AI really booms across the globe, it brings many benefits from GPU that helps programmers can process faster, cheaper, and stronger. Also, it relates to unlimited storage, or data in Big Data including image processing, texting, trading,…

AI can be defined as a sector of computer science, and it is based on theories that can apply in this field. Understandably, AI is machines’ intelligence created by humans, and it can rack the brain, think, copy like humans. And it processes the data more scalably, systematically, scientifically than humans.

However, we still cannot make use of the AI that we just conduct with Narrow AI, and it is still unable to complete the Turing test.

So how AI technology can work, and take action as humans? Where the intelligence come from? We should explore the machine learning concept below.

2. What is machine learning? 

What is machine learning?

Machine learning technology – Source: Becominghuman

As a part of AI’s approach, machine learning is related to a system of machine that will be better when it conducts the jobs many times. In other words, ability of machine learning is to use the algorithm in order to analyze the available information, and learn from that to make decisions or predictions about the related problems.

Furthermore, instead of creating a software program with many actions, detailed guidance to conduct the specific mission, computers are trained by using the amount of data, and algorithms to learn to conduct tasks.

Without machine learning, AI will be restricted because it is a source of energy for computers to find out everything that doesn’t need to be programmed clearly.

For instance, you want to have a program that can identify cat in the picture, you must:

  • Providing for AI with the group of cat’s features such as fur colors, shapes, sizes,.. so that machine can identify firstly.
  • Next, you will supply some images for AI that one of them contains the “Cats” labels, it means that machine can select more efficiently with details, or related features to cats.
  • After machine receives data enough of cats, it must understand how to find a cat in picture when it has the given details, so the rate of machine’s recognition reaches 95% to the cat.

So now you know, machine learning is an application of AI that humans allow machines to access data, and learn it by themselves.

3. Deep learning 

Machine learning ai difference

Deep learning – Source: Hackernoon

This is viewed as a technique of machine learning that it has deep neural networks can process data like humans’ brains.

The difference between deep learning and machine learning is that humans don’t need to train with deep learning how to identify a specific object like a cat above. Instead, they just provides the detailed information of cats, and itself will learn, and imagine following:

  • Providing many pictures of cats
  • Algorithms will check images with features, details between those pictures.
  • Each picture will be decrypted under many levels, from big shapes to small ones, or even smaller. Specifically, when a shape or lines are repeated many times, algorithm labels it as an important feature.
  • When it analyzes images necessarily, algorithms can understand which models supply evidence clearly  of cats, so humans just provide raw datas.

Generally, we can understand that deep learning is a kind of machine learning, but it will be learned and trained by itself. And it requires more input data, computing power compared to machine learning. Some companies are applying it in their in-house:

  • Facebook
  • Amazon

This is the difference among machine learning, artificial intelligence and deep learning that we want to help you distinguish. And kind of them always bring the benefits for humans when we can apply in our life.

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