What is Cloud Computing? 4 types of Cloud Computing pyramid services today

Cloud Computing is an extremely common term in the field of programming, design, and website administration. So what is Cloud Computing? What types of Cloud Computing pyramid services are there today? Get the details right through the following article with BAP Software!

I. What is Cloud Computing?

what is cloud computing

What does Cloud Computing mean? Image: fptcloud.com

Cloud Computing is understood as the process of providing services related to computing online instead of offline. In other words, this is a term that refers to the provision of appropriate resources to customers only through the Internet. Cloud Computing services can be servers, software, data storage, etc.

Cloud Computing are some services based on server hardware, allowing users to use all services anytime.

Cloud Computing brings many benefits to users such as:

  • Save cost to store data, don’t need to worry about system operation and maintenance costs.
  • Service upgrades increase operational efficiency and data security and scale can be expanded as needed.
  • High-tech security services help protect data from cyber threats.
  • The access speed is extremely fast.
  • Cloud Computing’s reliability is high, helping users to back up and protect stored data.

There are 3 popular types of Cloud Computing: Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud. Public Cloud is a service provided through the Internet and infrastructure, Private Cloud is the entire equipment infrastructure deployed with customers internally, and Hybrid Cloud is a service that combines Private Cloud with Public Clouds to take advantage of both.

II. 4 types of Cloud Computing pyramid services today

4 types of Cloud Computing pyramid services today

Isolated layers of Cloud Computing pyramid service. Image:viettelidc.com.vn

The Cloud Computing pyramid service is built on a certain base. It is a service provided by remote servers and can be arranged into a pyramid model with 3 separate layers.

The broadest bottom level is Infrastructure as a Service, which is flexible and can be applied widely. The narrowest top level, Software as a Service, has responsibility to solve specific customer problems.

Here are the four most popular types of Cloud Computing services today.

1. IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service

IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service is the bottom layer and the largest layer in the cloud computing pyramid model. IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service is the most general and prominent Cloud Computing service today.

IaaS provides users with virtualized computing services managed over the network. When providing services, the provider will play the role of managing the infrastructure as a server. At this time, the provider gives users the right to get the most out of the resources they need.

With this type of service, you can buy, install, and use whatever software you need, and your enterprise only needs to pay for the same amount of data as it uses.

With the advantage of flexibility and high scalability, IaaS has been methodically built by technology companies to serve customers.

Some examples of IaaS include Google Apps, Salesforce, MailChimp, ZenDesk, Dropbox, DocuSign, Slack, Hubspot, BigCommerce…

2. PaaS – Platform as a Service

Coming to the second layer of the pyramid model is PaaS – Platform as a Service. If IaaS is a type of service that provides a general overview of all pre-installed tools, Platform as a Service has more differences.

PaaS is a Cloud Computer service that provides the tools and data needed to develop, manage, and update software. PaaS has similar characteristics to IaaS and has a similar infrastructure. But the difference is that PaaS provides more useful tools such as middleware, operating systems, etc.

To understand it more simply, PaaS not only supports enterprises in developing software infrastructure but also supports the development of enterprise products.

Some service providers of Cloud Computing Platforms as a Service include Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, and Heroku, …

3. SaaS – Software as a Service – Well – known Cloud Computing service 

SaaS – Software as a Service is a service located at the top of the Cloud Computing pyramid. This is the most well-known Cloud Computing service because it is a fairly complete software service.

SaaS – Software as a Service is perfect to provide services to customers over the Internet and just need to register and use it.

The form of Cloud Computing has the outstanding advantage of optimizing most of the demands of customers. Not only that, but SaaS is also a service provided through a web browser, from data management and administration, which all SaaS providers take care of.

SaaS applications operate quite effectively, for example, Microsoft Office 365, and Google Apps …

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4. FaaS – Function as a Service

The fourth type of Cloud Computing service is FaaS. This service is often referred to as serverless computing. Understanding in a simple way, you will work without preparing data in advance. However, you need to declare it to the application for it to provide you with the necessary resources.

During the use of the application, if the amount of work you do changes, the scale of the application will automatically change. At that time, you just need to pay for the resources you have used.


The above article has provided you with some information about Cloud Computing as well as four types of Cloud Computing pyramid services.

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