10 outstanding Salesforce features that every business needs

Salesforce is the leading name when it comes to customer relationship management solutions. Each CRM software has its characteristics. So what are the outstanding features of Salesforce that make the difference and the choice of so many businesses? Let’s find out through the following article.

1. Salesforce Overview

Salesforce is one of the earliest and best-known cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platforms.

Companies use Salesforce software to understand their customers, connect better with customers, keep customers satisfied, seek customer acquisition, and more. According to salesforce.com, Salesforce customers have seen an average increase in sales revenue of 26%, lead conversion by 26%, and faster resolution times by 49%.

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Benifits salesforce

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2. 10 Features of Salesforce

What are the features of Salesforce that make a globally useful CRM software? Let’s take a look at the following 10 features. 

2.1. Chatter

This is a useful feature that allows employees to update and share information with customers and stakeholders more quickly. Chatter not only brings efficiency between customers and related departments but also brings smooth coordination among employees in the company.

A special feature of Chatter is that it can support decentralized sharing of information, documents, and work between groups in a confidential manner, ensuring the safety of important business data.

2.2. AppExchange

With AppExchange, you can develop your apps, use other apps, and can install apps to customize your Salesforce site.

In addition, AppExchange also allows users to hire developers or consultants whenever there is a need. You will have access to their profile and contact information to negotiate.

Salesforce’s AppExchange

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2.3. Customers management and contact information

This is a feature of Salesforce that helps to understand the most detailed customer information. It includes contact information, customer activity history, and customer’s financial capacity, … From there, it is possible to segment customers into different groups and have marketing strategies suitable for customer needs.

2.4. Partner Management

Partners are also considered customers of the business, they can be product distributors. Salesforce builds and manages a community of loyal partners and agents.

Besides, the software also helps to increase the participation of partners in business activities by recruiting, training and supporting indirect sales channels. The sales process will be easier and faster for partners.

2.5. Track sales opportunities

Salesforce’s “Sales Opportunities” section helps businesses capture details of important information such as competitors, contracts, and sales opportunities,…

Businesses can keep a close eye on their contracts and increase their chances of winning contracts.

Future Salesforce

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2.6. Email Synchronization

Users can synchronize all data with their mail so that it is sent automatically, saving time.

Salesforce also supports Microsoft Outlook and other third-party email clients.

2.7. Marketing and finding potential customers

Salesforce software helps the marketing plan to be connected with sales activities, and arrange the appropriate budget for each campaign. And marketing campaigns will be carefully monitored through different stages.

2.8. Business analysis, reporting, and forecasting

Businesses can have better forecasting of sales, product demand, product volume, etc. Business planning and sales revenue estimates are also much easier thanks to forecasting capabilities built into the system.

Business Analysis

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2.9. Establish and manage workflow

Salesforce’s automation capabilities allow businesses to build tailored workflows for each department and the new employee. Salesforce software also recommends steps in the workflow thanks to the available AI, ensuring sufficient workload, and target completion time, …

2.10. Support on mobile devices

Salesforce CRM can be accessed and updated from anywhere with the help of mobile apps. Users can contact customers, or access important information without having to open the computer.

Salesforce’s features not only stop at the number 10 above, but also many other useful features. Don’t miss the next articles to discover more interesting things about Salesforce software.