Future Blockchain and the world’s changes

It can be seen that the advent of Blockchain marked the change and transformation of the world. This is considered  as one of the technologies of future society, especially when the Internet and Technology 4.0 increasingly develop. So, let’s explore about future Blockchain in this article.

1. How does the future Blockchain look like?

Future Blockchain

Do you know about Future of Blockchain? – Source: Getsmarter

Blockchain is viewed as one of the large data sets, digitized and widely distributed. However, Blockchain’s principle of operation is to create a cohesive, non-isolated community.

At With the beginning, Blockchain was the first application used for journal entry for Bitcoin and some other electronic currencies in Finance. Today, however, Blockchain is used in almost every field.

The ability to explore Blockchain technology in modern society, especially 4.0 world, has shown the power and prospects of Blockchain. Blockchain offers great savings as well as extremely high security.

2. The future Blockchain is to make the world change

Blockchain Development

Blockchain Development is a trend of the world – Source: Pinterest 

Since its inception up to now, Blockchain technology has created many changes and transformations in the world. Accordingly, at present and in the future, Blockchain promises to become as one of the “key” technologies for the development of the globe, making many changes such as:

  • Society moves towards electronic transactions: Blockchain technology with the rise of Bitcoin has placed out many prospects for payments and transactions with cryptocurrencies. This form of transaction will save both time and cost. In addition, electronic payment by blockchain technology creates an electronic bank in which two parties are exchanged directly without going through any other third party.
  • Anything can become a service: With the growth of Blockchain technology, people will be exposed to a large, highly secure data system where everything can become a service. The application of Blockchain technology is to expand relationships, databases, and social interaction.
  • Future jobs in finance, banking day: a predictable fact is that the development of Blockchain technology can lead to many changes in Finance and Banking. Accordingly, the number of jobs in the financial and baking industries will be lost, leading to its employees who will be likely unemployed.
  • Possibility of electronic voting:
    • In addition to the application in Finance and Banking, the booming Blockchain technology has also become one of the new predictions for the future elections. Whereby, with the Blockchain model, each voter in the electoral process will own an “election wallet” and will have an unlimited “electronic currency”.
    • When the election takes place, if they want to vote for whom, it will be done by transferring their electronic currency to the electronic wallet of the voter that they want to support. At the same time, they also have the right to change their votes before the deadline. Furthemore, Blockchain technology helps to reduce the lack of national budget in each election, while creating openness, transparency and fairness for candidates.

The above are predictions for future Blockchain technology with the change of the world, when it is growing and booming. Moreover, it promises that , in the near future, perhaps Blockchain will be one of the leading tech and the key to all development.

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