What is MVC model? The basic knowledge for developers.

When it comes to programming websites, you cannot skip the MVC model. Why is it important? And how it helps you? The below article will explain more about MVC model, and you can have sustainable knowledge in the future.

1. What is MVC model?

mvc model

MVC stands for model, view, and controller – Source: Medium

MVC is a MVC design model used in software engineering, and which is also an abbreviation of 3 words including Model – View – Controller. And its design model is to separate the interface and code for management, development, and maintenance with ease.

The MVC model divides an application into three interoperable parts, and each has their own task separately and independently with other components.

  • Model works with management, data processing
  • View handles interface, displaying data to the users
  • Controller drives the interaction between Model and View

In terns of Java programming, MVC model owns single Java Classes where the View’s function is to show data, and controller contains servlets. These separated classes lead users’ requirements to being processed:

  • The browser class on client’s side will send a requirement for a page to controller layer that shows on the server.
  • The Controller shows the activity of invoking the model, in this way, exporting the data that it wants to meet the requirements.
  • Then, controller will send the exported database to the view
  • And the view will be rendered and redirected to the client for the browser in order to display.

Software application is divided into 3 parts that are considered as a great idea in MVC architecture, because developers can take advantage of:

  • Woking with three layers including Model, View, and Controller at the same time
  • The application can be added as the MVC architecture allows developers to scale.
  • The dependency of components is shallow, then developers can easily maintain.
  • Multiple views can use a model at many times, because it has reusability of code
  • Applications will become more understandable and convinces based on MVC
  • Beside, process of application’s extension and test are easier ever.

2. What you can do with MVC design model? 

What is mvc model?

How MVC model works – Source: Cloudboost

MVC is commonly used in web applications. Views in these applications are HTML or XHTML files generated by the application.

The controller takes input (by using form or whatever) and then it manages and processes the input for the Model.Models contain data and rules about the process of performing a particular task.

So let you understand much easier, we will take orchestra as an example:

  • Controller is the conductor
  • Models are Musician
  • Views is performed as a song by the whole orchestra.

Now, most applications and websites in the world are deployed according to the MVC models.

Furthermore, the components are created through the MVC design patterns are independent intrinsically of each other. Hence, MVC design patterns help in code reuse and parallel development. This makes the programming job easier and simpler, faster,…

As data is tracked by the View and it is controlled for the presentation to users, so the programmers can use the same View with different data for other applications. Or you can use the same Model, Controller tha just change the View. But this is way that developers use to create the affordable website, which means that they just build the shared Base and online change View when programming for various clients.

3. MVC model example 

In this part, we will talk about the simple example of MVC model from reality. For example:

  • Imagine that you will go eat at a restaurant, and you will be served food and service by the chief, and waiters.
  • When you go inside, waiters surely go to your tables in order to receive food requirements from you. And they don’t know about you, and your interests. Their duty is to write your food requirements down.
  • After that, waiters will deliver to the kitchen with your food orders and table number,  then the chief takes full responsibility for cooking.
  • In kitchen, your meals will be prepared by chief who will apply ingredients. More specifically, you order a vegetable sandwich, chief will use components like bread, potato, capsicum, onion, bit,… that is contained in the freight.
  • Time of cooking is done, it will deliver to waiters who will move it out of kitchen to serve you.
  • At present,  waiters understand which food you have required, and how it is prepared.

From above, you can imagine that MVC model will be:

  • View is yourself
  • Waiter is Controller
  • Cooking is called Model
  • Freight considered as Data

With the simple instance, you can have knowledge of MVC model in Java in your mind with ease.

4. Pros and cons of MVC model 

MVC design model also has pros and cons that programmers should take into consideration:

  • MCV model benefits:

Firstly, bandwidth is slight and economical, which means that MVC model doesn’t use viewstate, so it saves bandwidth. When applying, users can apply web applications that need to continuously send and receive data. Hence, reducing bandwidth helps website operate better and more stable.

Secondly, programmers are able to check, review software errors before reaching consumers, ensuring higher quality and credibility.

Thirdly, control function is one of advantages of MVC model that it can help you have prominent controllers on programming languages including CSS, HTML, Javascript with various forms.

Furthermore, view and size also play the key role in MVC. View will be a place in order to store data. The more requests are created, the larger files are made. Meanwhile, the network connection also reduces the speed of loading. In this case, MVC model will help you save bandwidth in an optimal way.

Moreover, MVC model also has SOC function (Separation of Concern) that allows you to clearly separate parts such as Model, interface, data.

In addition, when integrating MVC model, you can code freely on website platform. At that time, your server will be offloaded a lot.

Finally, this model is a relatively simple structure, even if you don’t have too much expertise, you also can use it.

  • Cons of MVC model: 

The only drawback of this is that it fits with the large projects, and if you apply on the small ones which will lead to cumbersome, time-consuming in the development process as well as data transfer time.

From the above, BAP expects that you basically can understand the MVC model, and it is really useful for programmers at present when coding.

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