Process of Cobol to Java what your business should know

For converting from Cobol to Java, a popular problem when businesses want to modernize applications is that the old systems have encrypted the internal process of businesses.  So we realize that this is a major barrier of businesses, we have taken action with operations in order to get rid of your internal systems risks.

cobol to java

Cobol to Java – Source: IBM system Magazine

Furthermore, when modernizing COBOL applications, the cloud is the common method for business in order to get rid of risks. For instance, in terms of COBOL conversion, businesses always use Cloud assessment and migration tools from Micro Focus, it showed the recommendations of ways to convert COBOL  including:

  • Giving 2 options for businesses about COBOL: COBOL based hosting back or transforming totally COBOL language.
  • The applications in COBOL are able to be re-hosted to another system.
  • They should use the modern languages such as C#, .NET, and Java to replace COBOL applications.
  • The old COBOL system can transform from the previous computers to the current platforms like Window or LINUX.
  • Even the COLBOL system is also transformed and implemented on the cloud platforms.

1. The process of converting COBOL to JAVA 

To help you understand more about how to convert COBOL to JAVA, we will let you know the detail of the process of converting the old COBOL system to JAVA with new systems namely LINUX, Window from big computers of IBM, or Unisys that can be re-hosted.  Or you want to apply JCL to convert COBOL, you will migrate and transform as a part of the re-hosting process, and then that application will be hosted back so that it can operate on cloud or the server.

Process of Cobol to Java

Process of converting cobol to Java – Source: Pinterest

Otherwise, if you want to convert COBOL to other languages like C#, .NET, or Java, which requires different methods and processes compared to re-hosting approach. In this situation, we rely on the intellectual-property to conduct most of converting COBOL automatically in order to implement the new applications on the cloud or server. The process of COBOL conversion following steps:

  • Firstly, we evaluate current COBOL applications for re-storage and transforming.
  • Secondly, making decisions of COBOL applications strategy includes re-storage or transforming methods.
  • Then, we will plan according to business requirements for details.
  • Next, we will align the engineers and product management.
  • Finally, our team will hand over the output of COBOL applications to customers.

2. Security and safety of COBOL converting process

In the process of converting COBOL to JAV, we also take care of security and safety for customers’ systems. So we usually apply the on-site method, and the security mechanism of BAP according to:

  • Using security certificate by BAP professionals
  • Remain safety and security environment
  • Ensuring and protecting customers intellectual assets
  • Hand over the COBOL application output to customers
  • Complete tasks and secure the project with customers.

3. Why should your business consider BAP?

When you collab with us, we will work steps by steps including:

  • We will hold a meeting and discussion with your business at first stage consisting of security problems.
  • In this stage, if you agree to coordinate with us, we will prepare what we need to conduct the project.
  • We will have demand to meet your site usually in order to give discussion about projects process.
  • We will give your site with the final products to check and apply on the system.

Moreover, your business will take advantages when choosing us:

  • The cost of us is less compared to others in Japan because our team work in Vietnam.
  • Our engineers have experience in working with many Japanese companies and they can communicate with them easily.
  • We will always be ready to support your business when the problems happen in any of us.

To be honest, this is factor that your business needs to view when having any plans to conduct COBOL conversion to Java or other languages. BAP will give you a helping hand as real from the beginning to the end of the project. And we are also known as the technological companies in AI, Big Data, ERP, and even more.