[ERP Comparision] – Top 5 ERP consulting companies in Japan

When developing an ERP system, businesses surely must have a trustworthy partner. If not it will waste time and money for business, and this article will give the ERP comparison amongst 5 ERP consulting companies in Japan who can work the best.

1. The challenges when deploying ERP system 

The lack of connection between departments in business will often lead to many bad results such as delaying deadlines, inaccurate customers’ information management, or missing many contracts.

In those cases, the implementation of ERP system is to help managers link information, ensure professional communication between departments. However, the big problem is which ERP consulting partners amongst major companies in Japan that help your business will touch the success in building ERP systems?

To be honest, all enterprises in the world are trying to optimize their business by automatic software like ERP, which means that they don’t want to work with paper documents or traditional processes. On the other hand, businesses still have concerns about some belove reasons:

  • Get risky with the security
  • The cost of implementation is high
  • The policy of ERP system
  • The ERP companies cannot show the benefits for businesses

For these above listed cases, businesses clearly don’t understand yet all of the advantages that ERP brings back.

2. Classify the kinds of ERP software

Firstly, businesses should find out the ERP system that is suitable for the existing system. At present, there are many ERP functions that serves for businesses’ demand with 2 main ERP system types:

  • Internal ERP system: this is developed by the domestic companies that they build the system based on business requirements.
  • External ERP system: the ERP systems come from huge companies like Oracle, SAP business one,…

Next, we should take ERP comparison between internal and external providers to consider their advantages and disadvantages.

Internal ERP system: 

  • Advantages: when building this kind, businesses can ensure because the ERP software will comply with the standard of their own policy like Accounting system that requires businesses must meet the demand of the process. Moreover, the cost of implementation is lower at the beginning.
  • Disadvantages: Although the system is able to be customized according to businesses’ demand, it still has some faults and causes the expansion in the future.

External ERP system:

  • Advantages: businesses will have a trend to build with these systems because it is owned by the major companies such as Microsoft Dynamics that has strong experience in developing the ERP system over years. Furthermore, businesses can be ensured about the security from providers.
  • Disadvantages: the system of them are good, but those systems are built for the international market so this is not suitable for Japanese companies in some cases, and businesses must find internal developers to customize.

After considering the pros and cons of each kind, you must look for the trustworthy partners to develop in the next steps.

3. Top 5 ERP consulting companies in Japan

If your businesses are ready to implement the ERP system, selecting partners play an important role. Usually, ERP implementation needs to consist of 3 stages:

  • Searching, evaluation, and ERP companies
  • Planning for implementation
  • Evaluating after implementation

In this section, we will take ERP package comparisons amongst 5 ERP companies belove:

3.1. NetSuite

erp comparison

NetSuite company – Source: kigyolog

NetSuite is known as a ERP software company that is installed by 30,000 companies in 160 nations, and this is also considered as the best ERP cloud service in the sector.

The highlight of this product is that the platform allows users to develop on their own.

In terms of products’ features, this enables businesses who can develop by themselves. Furthermore, Netsuite also provides an integrated system environment that is considered as ERP package cloud format,  it, additionally, allows companies which their internal team can install and develop the private applications, and the end-users just use it through adjusting the code management.

This is a product that is able to build a dynamic system environment and meet the demands of various companies. Also, they are developing the report system of taxes in 20 countries across the world.

3.2. ZAC/Oro Co., Ltd.

erp package comparison

ZAC/Oro Company – Source: kigyolog

ZAC is an domestic ERP cloud system providing the office functionality like:

  • Inventory management
  • Sales management
  • Cost management
  • Timekeeping management

For this platform, businesses are also supported with the affordable price based on the users. And ZAC developer either gives businesses 1.5% fee per month in order to reduce the burden of business.

3.3. Oracle ERP Cloud/Oracle Japan Co., Ltd.

erp package ranking

Oracle ERP Cloud company – Source: kigyolog

This is a big ERP provider in the world. To be honest, Oracle ERP Cloud is for SMEs (small medium enterprises), and their platform dominates in the ERP sector.

The prominent point of Oracle ERP Cloud is consistent process of business maintained even the required modules that are added by companies, and they can also delete with ease via the centralized paradigm.

Besides, when businesses want to use the Oracle E-Business Suite of ERP package, most functionalities are built according to their demand. This software facilitates businesses that can customize the flexibly internal process so that they are able to operate the best.

Finally, to own the ERP system from Oracle, business must prepare for the first phase at least 2 million JPY.

3.4. MF Cloud / Money Forward Co., Ltd.

Package Company Ranking

Money Forward – Source: clouderp

When comparing amongst others ERP platform, MF, maybe, is smallers because this serves mainly SMEs that cannot afford the big ones.

Hower, this platform also provides with the useful software with the various functions like accounting software which allows businesses use billing function, cleaning cost, payroll, income,.. And the fee of this platform is affordable about 3,900 JPY per month, so most businesses can apply it in their internal team.

3.5.  BAP Co., Ltd 

package manufacturer ranking

Regardings BAP, we are also known as the unit of developing ERP package for various companies in Japan. Why your business should consider to partner with us? Simply because we provide the best services consist of:

  • The fee is cheaper when our engineers are Vietnameses, and they work in Vietnam.
  • Our communication in Japan is very good that businesses can write the requirement down with ease, and we can recommend based on it.
  • We also help businesses that build successful ERP like Stelll Industry, Car manufacturing and Sales, and Japanese machine,…

Moreover, our team also gets successful with other technologies like Big Data, AI, Blockchain,… for our partners in Japan. So we are confident to consult and partner with any Japanese companies.

In conclusion, this is the 5 ERP package development companies that businesses should consider, and the ERP system is really useful for any companies in the digital transformation so that they can have the smoothy process for their business.

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