Things to consider first in smartphone application development

With the increasing number of smartphone users, the use of smartphone apps has become important in marketing strategies to attract customers, to increase sales, and increase awareness. Then, let us describe what smartphone application development beginners should keep in mind for successful smartphone application development.

1.Smartphone application users are increasing more and more

smartphone application development

With the spread of smartphones, many companies develop smartphone application. According to a survey by AppAnnie, the number of app downloads in the world topped 194 billion in 2018 and are still growing.

2.Clarifying the purpose of smartphone application development is important

ANDROID smartphone app development
It is important to clarify the purpose of smartphone application development. What value do you want to offer users? Can the company that provided the application benefit as a result of the user feeling value? You need to think them thoroughly.

Making common goals for project members, subsequent development can proceed smoothly. Let’s think hard at the planning stage for a successful smartphone application development.

3.Outsource to smartphone app programming experts

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For smartphone application development, there are two options; in-house development which sets up a development department in the company, and outsourcing which is commissioned to a specialized development company.

In the case of in-house development, you can make exactly what you want, but if your company don’t have enough experience to develop application, it is difficult to secure human resources.

On the other hand, in the case of outsourcing, you will ask a group of engineers specializing in smartphone app programming, so you can develop efficiently.

In addition, many development companies support procedures until release and support after the start of operation. It is common for companies that don’t specialized in IT field to outsource to development companies.

4.For smooth ordering of smartphone application development

After  you decide on a smartphone application development outsource destination, you have a meeting with a development company. The following items are mainly confirmed at the first meeting.

What kind of service

  • Main target
  • Device
  • Function
  • Cost
  • Smartphone app language
  • Development method
  • Deadline
  • Monetization

It is not necessary to decide everything in detail from the beginning, but if you have the idea of “I want to create such an application”, the story will proceed more smoothly.

In addition, you can share ideas by showing your development team similar services that you want to create. Then, you can decide on specialized parts such as devices, smartphone app language, and development methods in consultation with the development company.


To succeed in smartphone application development, it is important to first consider what value you want to provide to users. Then, consulting with the development team and choosing the method that suits your purpose, you can proceed with development efficiently.

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