How does AI education bring benefits and drawbacks?

AI appears in many fields including Banking, Medicine, Business, and even Education. So today BAP will help you understand more about the benefits and drawbacks of an education with AI through this article.

1. Role of AI in Education

ai education

How AI works in Education? – Source: E-learning industry

Whether we like it or not, we must admit one thing that AI in particular or the development of technology in general has changed the face of some industries from the way we watch movies, shopping, drive cars to medical treatment, do business, … and we believe in the near future AI will also change the way we teach and learn.

Nowadays it is very popular to find globalized classes where people from different countries can remotely take part in and interact with each other using chat platforms. Moreover, artificial intelligence can now help automate some stages of education such as scoring multiple-choice tests. A computer vision system can completely replace humans in this with much higher productivity and accuracy. Another possibility is a personalization of student learning experience.

A good education system should help learners discover and develop their own talent by recommending and building a learning program best suited to users. Imagining you just need to fill in some personal information and interests, then select some subjects, majors, or even career orientation, AI can recommend the right stuff for you with extremely high accuracy like how Netflix suggests movies or Tik Tok suggests videos to you.

Furthermore, Artificial intelligence education has more applications and benefits that we can explore in the next part.

2. AI education benefits

What is ai education?

AI brings many benefits for Education – Source: Knowledge Hub

We are undeniable that AI education brings various benefits as listed below:

  • Automate grading activity

In universities and colleges, it can be boring to mark homework or tests of courses. Grading takes away a significant amount of time that can be used for exchanging with students, preparing for lessons, or doing other tasks essential to teaching and learning quality. Although AI can never really replace humans in grading work, people can hope for a rather close-perfection replacement. Now the grading of multiple-choice and blank-filling exams is no longer a rare case, and grading for articles will not be far away in the near future.

  • Tailoring students’ needs 

AI can influence all levels of education thanks to the benefits of personalization technology. The number of learning programs, games, and adaptive software is increasing constantly. AI education systems respond to students’ needs, focus on topics, and repeat things that students have not yet mastered. Therefore, students can learn at their own pace.

A customized form of education is a support solution that helps students of different levels to learn together in the same classroom. Adaptive learning has a great impact on national education.

  • Indicating problems that courses need to improve

Teachers may not always be aware of gaps in lecture and educational material that could confuse students about some concepts. Artificial intelligence provides a way to solve that problem. Take Coursera as an example, this is an open online course provider, and it has put this into practice. When a large number of students are found sending incorrect answers to their homework, the system notifies the teacher and provides students with a custom message giving suggestions for the correct answer.

  • Students can receive additional support from AI tutors

A number of AI-based tutoring programs already exist and can help students learn basic math, writing, and other subjects. These programs can teach students the fundamentals and are still being developed to help students learn advanced thinking and creativity. Therefore, it should not be ruled out that AI tutors can do these things in the future. With the rapid pace of technological progress that has marked the past few decades, advanced tutoring systems may not be a distant dream.

  • AI-driven programs provide feedbacks constantly

AI can not only help teachers and students create courses customized to their needs, but can also provide feedback to both on the course’s success in general. Some schools and universities, especially those with online services, are using AI systems to track student progress and alert professors when there may be some problems with their students’ performance.

  • Changing the way to search for and interact with information

We realize that AI systems affect the information we see and find every single day. For instance, Google adjusts results for users based on location, or Amazon makes recommendations based on previous purchases, even Siri also adapts to your needs and commands, and nearly all web advertising is toward users’ preferences.

These types of intelligent systems play an important role in how we interact with information in our personal and professional lives, and it can change the way we find and use information in schools, universities, and libraries. Over the past few decades, AI-based systems have completely changed the way we interact with information. In the future, with newer and more integrated technologies, students will experience more accuracy and convenience in researching ideas and facts than they do now.

  • Changing students’ studying areas and teachers’ working environments

Using AI, students can study anywhere in the world at any time, as it can replace a teacher in some cases. AI-powered education programs help students learn basic skills, but when AI research develops, students will be provided with a wider range of services and more advanced training programs.

3. AI education disadvantages

ai education disadvantages

AI still has drawbacks when it comes to applying in Education – Source: Grayripples

We make sure that AI Education will be beneficial for students and teachers, but it still has some drawbacks including:

  • High fee: Creating artificial intelligence requires enormous costs on complex machines. Repair and maintenance are also expensive. Programs should be decentralized on a regular basis to respond to the changing needs of the environment and the demands of machine improvement. Not only that, in the event of serious failures, the procedure for restoring the codes and re-activating the system also requires a large amount of time and expense.
  • Not flexible enough: Intelligence is brought by nature to each person. Machines don’t have any emotion or morality. Machines only do what is programmed and cannot make right or wrong decisions, even make decisions to perform tasks when facing unfamiliar situations. As a consequence, it may fail to operate properly in some edge cases.
  • High unemployment rate: The fact that machines can replace people can lead to large-scale unemployment, depression, poverty, and social evils. Especially teachers get the risk of losing their jobs. If the use of artificial intelligence becomes wider, not only do students and teachers lose their job, but also most people in different sectors have that same situation.

To be honest, there are some negative impacts that AI education may bring to our society, and we must cope with it.

In conclusion, AI education makes people think of new ways of studying and teaching. Moreover, it is a promising technology for our future, despite its remaining drawbacks.

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