Basic understandings of web service development

Web Service is seen as a technology that brings a revolution to B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customer) services. The basic value of Web service development is based on providing standard methods of access for composition systems and legacy systems. Software written in different programming languages ​​and running on different platforms can use the Web service to convert data through the Internet in the same way that a computer communicates.

With the significant development of the Internet, Web services are truly a technology that deserves attention to reduce costs and complexity in system integration and development. The following article will discuss the fundamental of Web service development, how it works and its costs in Japan.

web service development

1. What is web service development?

Web service is application components used to convert a general application into a web application. It also publishes its specialized functions so that internet users worldwide use it via the web. Web Service communicates using a collection of software resources, open protocols, and standards that can be identified by the URL, performing functions and giving the required user information. Web service development includes independent modules for customer and business operations and itself implemented on the server. The basic foundation of Web service development is XML, HTTP, SMTP or FTP. Any type of application is able to possess a component of web service that is generated in any programming language.

Fundamentals of web service development

  • Allow clients and servers to interact with each other even in different environments.
  • Most of the web service technology is built on open-source and develops approved standards such as XML.
  • A web service consists of many modules and can be published on the Internet.
  • It can be deployed by a server-side application software such as PHP, Oracle Application Server, and Microsoft .NET

2. Components of web service development

The basic web service platform is XML HTTP. Every standard web service consists of these components in the following: SOAP, WSDL (Web service development language), and UDDI.

2.1 SOAP

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SOAP is an XML-based protocol that enables applications to exchange data mostly through HTTP & SMTP. More specifically, SOAP is a messaging specified for exchanging structured information in the implementation of web services.

SOAP is a format used to send messages.

SOAP is designed to convey messages via the Internet.

2.2 WSDL (Web service development language)

Web service development language is an XML-based language used to locate and describe Web Services.

Web service development language describes a web service, along with notification format and protocol details for the web service.

2.3 UDDI

UDDI is an open framework, allows you to register and search web services.

UDDI communicates via SOAP.

3. How does web service work?

web service development costs

A web service enables communication among different applications using open standards such as HTML, XML, WSDL (Web service development language) and SOAP.

  • XML is used to add tags to data.
  • XML messages are responsible for decoding messages in XML format to be understandable at the application level interacting with users. Currently, the protocols that perform this task are XML-RPC, SOAP, and REST.
  • SOAP is to convey messages.
  • Web service uses WSDL (Web service development language) to pass parameters to the data types for the operations and functions that Web service provides.
  • WSDL (Web service development language) is to describe the service availability.

A Java-based web service can be developed on Solaris available from the Visual Basic program on Windows. You can also employ C# to create a new web service which allows being called from the web application in accordance with Java Server Pages (JSP) on Linux.

4. Web service development in Python

web service development language

Python is an easy-to-understand interpreting programming language. For beginners, even if you have no programming experience, Python is not only simple yet powerful in the grammar structure but also in its growing demand. Therefore, you do not need to be an expert in coding to start with Web service development python, as its code is often shorter than Java or C.

Web service development python with Flask, for example, is unexpectedly straightforward, not to mention much simpler than developing an entire server-side application for installing purpose.

5. Web service development costs

web service development python

So what are the web service development costs in Japan? Estimating web service development costs can be quite complex as it depends on your demands, the web service development company and how much work you are willing to perform yourself. In Japan, the web service development costs are varied from ¥534,604.32 to ¥3,827,855.40. Here are a few top web service development companies for your reference: Businessware Technologies, Monstar Lab, Wizcorp, BRYCEN, Xoxzo, and CMC Global.

In conclusion, as for a Web service, communication and data transmission become easier and more efficient, while bringing lower costs and enhancing real-time communication capabilities, connecting to people all over the world. The essence of this technology platform is the service-oriented architecture, therefore, the future of Web service development is bright with full of possibilities.


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