Recommended 5 Java system development companies In Japan

Java system development is so famous in IT sector, and it is applied from web, apps, or even game. In this article, we will introduce to you about recommended 5 Java system development companies in Japan that your business can consider when having intention to build a system.

1. BAP 

java system development

BAP company is one of Java system development – Source: BAP 

Although we just have been established in 2016, BAP develops a lot of systems based on Java such as 15s Video Edit App, BTC Giao Dich, Live Dreamer, COSY APP, Shopping Mall / EC Site,…

For each project, our engineers will work closely with customers from the activation to the output products. More specifically, when having a Java system development project, the engineering team will directly contact customers to receive and clarify requirements. Then, they will give ideas for business system that it can optimize about cost, delivery time, and quality.

Besides, BAP provides many technologies namely Big Data, Blockchain, Web services, Game, … with a wide range of programming languages that can meet any demands from customers.

Company address:

103-0025 Okamoto Building 5F, 1-11-3 Nihonbashi, Kayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

541-0053 Toshiba Building 8F, 4-2-12 Honmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka

Established in: 2016

Development area: Business system, Web system, Blockchain, Big Data, Game, AI

2. System Shared Co., Ltd. 

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System Share Co., – Source:hnavi

This is one of the Java system development companies that was established in 2007 in Kanto. They specialize in Java, PHP, and Web systems development, and conduct various projects for customers.

Furthermore, they can prove their technological skills through Java system development examples by working experience in various sectors including government offices, securities, construction, banking, life insurance, and telecommunications.

And they also provide the low-cost for each project that they take responsibility for, or follow the deadline from customers’ requirements, as well as ensure high-quality outputs.

We can say that System Share can be a trustworthy partner when it comes to developing systems for business.

Company address: 1-6-4 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo Takara Building 6F (Akihabara Office)

Established in: 2007

Development area: Business system, Web system.

3. Casa Real Co., Ltd.

java system development example

Casa Real Co., – Source:CasaReal 

The goal is “Nurture many engineers and businesses who can contribute to the world, and build a system that helps the world either”. Casa Real is working greatly in Web applications, and mobile systems, and developing technologies related to open source.

Moreover, they are also known as a sponsor for Japan’s largest Java Community event “JJUG CCC”, and others including technological in education. Besides, they are also recognized from various companies such as EC malls, Travelling reservation sites,  and Pharmaceutical companies in Japan.

We are undeniable that they have contributed to Java system development for business, and their high-skilled engineers are a contributing factor for their success.

Company address: 3-11-24 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo Kokusai Kogyo Mita No. 2 Building

Established in: 1999

Development area: Business system, Web system

4. SYNC Co., Ltd.

java system construction

SYNC Co., – Source: Sync-web 

This company has famous services like Panorama 360 Web services, Smartphone application, Ishop simple EC function service, and SES business development. In addition, SYNC is an abbreviation of Synchronization, which means that they want to synchronize people and technology in organization for working with the best results.

In terms of working experience, SYNC earns different projects from various customers with their services including Web development for Asset management companies, Business system development for clinics, or Business application development for gambling industry. Based on this, we can say that SYNC is a long-term company in IT sector that businesses can consider to partner with.

Company address: 8-2-2 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Kisuke Nishigotanda Building 6F

Established in: 2006

Development area: Business system

5. ZEALOT Co., Ltd.

java system development zealot

ZEALOT company – Source: Zealot 

ZEALOT is the final name in this list that we want to introduce to you, the company specializes in Web systems and applications. Also, they are proud when their engineering team has high technical skills, and works with various companies in Japan.

There are some Java systems development examples that they developed such as billing systems, E-commerce, cloud platform development. And they also have got successful in smartphone development like daily voice recognition input apps, Iphone official music players, and home appliance maker sales tools,..

Company address: 6F, Minamiikebukuro Building, 2-19-4 Minamiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

Established in: 2008

Development area: Business system, Web system

Above is the list of 5 Java system development companies that you must know in Japan. Each company has their own strengths that can support for your business with the best results.

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